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Petsafe Remote Training Collar

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Petsafe Containment System Remote Training Collar

Why We Needed It …
It became evident that we needed to contain our dog when an animal control officer brought her home one day. The officer was very kind and let us off with only a warning. We did get a rather embarrassing lecture though, something I don’t care to experience again!

The Setup …
We’ve had our dog for three years. He’s been a bolter and a neighborhood nuisance. Finally, we got sick of it and the lecture we got was the icing on the cake. After considerable research, we bought a Petsafe wireless containment system with a fair degree of optimism. It did require one call to support to get the base station to recognize the collar, but once that happened, the product worked exactly as advertised. I set up the white flags, got the beeps, and created a perimeter after playing with the control dial. All in all, set-up was as easy as pie and exactly as advertised.

How We Managed With The Training …
The collar is nylon, one size fits all. Trim off the extra when putting it on smaller dogs. Before placing the collar on the dog, there is a video and detailed instructions to guide you through the set-up, and training procedure for your dog. They highly suggest you follow them step-by-step to prevent confusion. The training process takes about six weeks. With the flags gradually being removed over the next few months. It took barely a week for our dog! That was the biggest and most pleasant surprise of all. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the recommended training regime so it was a great relief to find out that our pet was trained in no time flat. More importantly, the training has really stuck – so much so that our dog only has to hear the warning beep to know it’s approaching the bounday. My husband and I travel at least once a month and Instant Fence is the very first thing we pack.

I want to stress this point: You must take the time to properly train your dog so they are aware of the boundaries and consequences. A pet who is not trained and simply sent out with the collar on is in danger of over “correction” and may run out of the boundary area and keep running, not understanding why they are being corrected nor how to make it stop. Owners must understand the principals behind proper pet training when using any shock collar.

I would recommend setting it on a low setting and watching your dog closely on the first couple of outings with the new collar just to see if the low setting works. I am guessing that the high setting would produce an actual shock and that’s not what I was after.

For small yards (boundaries less than 40ft radius) the boundary switch will be set on low. For larger yards (between 40ft and 90ft), the boundary switch is set to high. When adjusting the dial, you are fine tuning the distance, with respect to the boundary switch position. You can also adjust the correction that you pet receives. So, small corrections for little dogs, bigger corrections for larger dogs.

In Conclusion …
I love this product and was amazed by Petsafe’s excellent customer service. I highly recommend this product to others: It will work for dogs that would typically ignore the type of electronic fence that utilizes a buried wire (typically dogs with a large, heavy coats) as well as smaller pets with lighter coats.





Well, that’s my two cents worth! And I did say I did some extensive research before buying the Petsafe containment system. Here’s a few comments by others who’ve also purchased and used this system. Please note that these comments and reviews are courtesy of

5.0 out of 5 stars As close to perfect as a wireless system can be!
By Holly H. Beverly (Kentucky)

Since we are in the process of selling our home we decided to give this wireless system a try. FIRST, I would suggest you take your dog’s temperament into consideration. Although I wouldn’t consider our adopted 90 lb. male Weimaraner a wus, he isn’t the Alpha dog either. The training aids were good and he quickly learned how far he could go on static shock level 4. He has since become so accustomed to our establised boundaries that we have lowered it to level 2 (level 1 is just an audible beep). Adjusting the shock level is very easy – it just involves unscrewing a small cover on the collar and depressing a button. On the transmitter, you adjust the RADIUS (remember that the signal is emitted in a circle from the transmitter) using a dial. EASY! It did take some effort to locate it correctly in our home – they suggest it be 24" off of the floor and it obviously has to be near an outlet, but it can emit a signal up to 90 feet in every direction – that’s a total cross section of 180 feet! The only disadvantage we found – and it is minor – is that if your home sits higher (or lower??) than part of your yard it will add few extra feet to your radius until the collar picks up the signal. This can be overcome if you build this allowance into your transmitters placement. Overall, we are thrilled and we’ve had this about 4 months now. I have had people tell me that once water gets under the battery cover, the battery dies. I don’t know, but after looking at the cover I think it would have to be a downpour before that happened – or maybe the dog went swimming or was bathed? Regardless, I placed a piece of duct tape – not pretty but functional – over the cover to keep this from happening. Finally, we will continue to use this even after we move since it has worked so well. A good investment to protect your pet but PLEASE don’t forget to take the collar off of your dog before putting him in the car and backing our of the garage. YIKES!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Purchase

We purchased this item on Saturday. Hooked it up on Sunday and by Monday afternoon our 5 month old Rat Terrier/Bichon was staying in the yard consistently. We are really pleased with this product. Our dog has been staying in the yard with many people walking by and other dogs passing by as well. It appears that he seldom has to experience the shock, he turns around rather quickly as soon as he hears the warning beep.

The only difficulty we have encountered is that we have cable and electricity boxes on two corners of our lot and it appears that there is some interference with the signal. We still have the signal , but it is not in the perfect circle from the transmitter that you would expect.

So far, excellent product, highly recommend. Great alternative to expensive in ground systems, and much easier to install.

5.0 out of 5 stars We LOVE this wireless fence!
By J. Brooks (Dexter, MI United States)

After much research, we are SO HAPPY we chose this product over the traditional in-ground fences! No worries about ruining any wires when we aerate the lawn or do our landscaping… It’s a very flexible, cost-effective solution and it works GREAT for our very feisty 2-year-old Schnauzer mix. We keep the collar on the lowest correctional setting and to tell you the truth, at this point he probably doesn’t even need the correction — just hearing the warning beep is enough for him. He immediately turns around and gets closer to the house when he hears the beep. It only took one or two days for him to figure out his boundaries. At first he was a little afraid to go outside at all, but within less than a week he was happily playing outside in the “pet area” of the yard. Only drawback to this product is that there’s no “safe gate area” where you can exit the circular pet area. (So we just take the receiver collar off our dog and put on his regular collar when we want to exit the yard to take him for leash walks.) Highly recommend this product.

5.0 out of 5 stars THE BEST EVER!
By Kit Ellis

My husband brought this fence system home about a month ago. We have a 10 month old Golden Retriever(Molly)who weighs 80 lbs and is very high energy. Molly was used to being on a long tethered lead when she was out. It took about an hour to read the directions and set up the boundary, only because we have woods and needed to decide where she was allowed to go. After we figured that out, it took about 1/2 hour to place all the flags (only took THAT long because the kids were “helping”). I am NOT kidding you when I tell you she was trained that same evening! I only had one incident of her going past the barrier as the school bus was just TOO inticing. I turned the collar up a level (VERY easy to do) and took her out side. As soon as she realized it was less comfortable to escape, she decided not to do it again. It has been a mont and she has had the whole yard to play in all day! Its wonderful to just be able to put her out and not worry. She knows her boundary and does not go past it. I highly reccommend this fence. A feature we have NOT used yet, but look forward to, is being able to take it with us when we travel SO cool!




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  • I never heard of them but based from the feedbacks, I think they’re definitely worth a try! Checking it out for a little bit and I think I’ll consider ordering one.

    I do hope the testimonials would prove to be true when I already have it.


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