Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

13 weeks lab puppy training and tricks

Video Rating: 4/5

Video Rating: 5/5

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  • Because some people do not know. This is a point not open for discussion. Labs are the greatest, smartest, funniest, most adorable, loyal and affectionate. Case closed.

  • why should we argue with you? your damn good!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • omg its so cute it makes me want one I’ll ask my mom to get me one for my birthday (starting as a puppy) it’s so freakin cute.

  • them side with golden retriver puppies

  • aww

  • Adorable!

  • OMG he is so cute, you’re great with his training

  • puppy

  • I love the puppy! Cute!

  • 1:14 OMG THE DOG wanted so much to eat and waited Φ±Φ±

  • very cute and very obidient I love this dog

  • 6 people are cat lovers

  • wonderful both of you …. xx

  • Hi! I would ask you how your puppy to be so obedient trained. I have a 3 month old white lab, well, half, he looks almost exactly like your dog. Hes starting to urinate in the house, although I was doing pretty good on the walk him constantly to make sure he knows urinate inside is not good. But now he is stubborn, urinating, barking at me and snapping at me when I try to get him to stop climbing on the couch and bite my hands. please help!

  • oww so cute puppy <3

  • great dog, great teacher

  • @ Pcharl101, mine plays really well with my brothers, but well, is submissive rather quickly when growls or barks are broadcast

  • @ Snuffles, this is not a street dog in a kennel, then my lab does not bark when he feels I am not aware of anything, cars, trucks, people, smoking (yes at 4 months, warned me of the stove caught fire) as bad as it is I give him the bone of the steaks I cook, has never barked for a treat, unless requested

  • cute dog … they play well with wells?

  • Cool. I do not want to criticize or anything, but it’s not a good idea for your dog to learn to speak, because it will understand that it is a good thing to bark.Because they have the” good boy” and a treat when they bark, they think” Okay, I will bark more because I get treats and praise for”. As I said it’s just advice. Believe me, I’ve seen the results, it is not already mooi.Cool video, keep up the good work.

  • Can you train him, without having something to eat?

  • There are so many tricks, A;

  • Wow

  • Animals have the same rights as people on this earth. They have the right to live, eat, breathe without fear of harm by others. We have to share the planet with other creatures. All drugs tested on animals its effect on man. These animals NEVER agreed to be the slave of man. It was in effect.

  • @ Cdeagle No, it’s not good for everything. @ Vidacious I’m not trolling, I care about the welfare of the dog.

  • I hope I smell a troll

  • Nice job. I love the rollover command, which was cool. Your puppy is a little sleepy, he does not seem to enjoy themselves as much as he could be. Make sure your voice to create excitement when he does well, it is easy to sound monotone, but to modulate your tone you up-beat really helps the dog to get “in”

  • Harassment? Really? No, the collar is fine, they did not give any correction that is appropriate for this phase of training. The dog clearly does not know the commands. They are operated with the aid of positive reinforcement. The dog is fine. Really, really enlighten.

  • I would really recommend using positive reinforcement training. In this video I saw bribery, intimidation, and other things. I also do not like how he wears a choker. That is not how the training works and dogs are creatures, how would you feel if you had a choke chain around your neck and every time you went too far you shocked?

  • aw I remember my vizsla was little (I have a video of her latest tricks on my channel if you are willing to check it out! a great coach!

  • omg those of us does not know the meaning of leave! although we have tried! lol very well behaved

  • @ TheFlamingbullett Thank you! If he wants to go outside, he pushes open the door on his own! πŸ™‚ He’s a great dog. Thank you!

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