Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

16 weeks Labrador (lab) retriever puppy dog ​​training and tricks

Video Rating: 4/5

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  • @ Eveiry and you were, because looking …?

  • Smarty Pants.

  • That is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen doggy omgg! so cute

  • the dog has a stiff? Look around 2 min

  • He had the most trouble with are haha. Very smart dog!

  • WOW what a smart baby! Awesome man!

  • That a dog is smarter than all the 9th graders at my school

  • he is like “give me my food D:”

  • how many girls did you pick up with him?

  • wow … this is great!


  • 3-star wanted level??

  • You must teach him to cuddle. : D

  • Ya I want to know so cute and smart

  • So how did you train him so good? I try puppy training tips do you have?

  • wish I would have taught my dog ​​half of this great work man

  • That’s a smart puppy

  • that’s a darn cute puppy dawg ..

  • I was sold when he waited to eat the treat on his paw.

  • Oh Dang … Very nicely done!

  • 1 all the big puppy. 2 of all major job training of the puppy. Some are easy to train and more time to train, but the rewards you get from them are priceless. This video reminds me so much of my puppy when he was with me. Thanks for sharing.

  • My new puppy can not focus, and he is a year old. I’m jealous of your dog! 😉

  • Who’s the jackass who thinks they are funny by the distaste for this?

  • Do you use a shock collar or what the correction in the assignment?

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