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2 months pitbull puppy training sit, stay and wait for command

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  • Hey man, I love your vid! I have a question for you. We recently got our red nose pup, and we yell at when he pies in the house (toilet training). But we love it so much, always play with and exercise. Do you think that later turn aggressive because we screamed as the cakes at home? And what tips do you have for potty training a pitbull puppy? .. Thanks!

  • Im giving away free pitbull puppies the mother simply let the puppies so drink her milk, where they give away free and they should quickly go there only six weeks out

  • My pitbull is nothing like that mine finally bites and jumps a lot and he never stops behind me I keep saying he has me still follow

  • I want a pitbull so bad

  • I love his cute little ears! Me and my fiance get a AmStaff / AmBully tomorrow.

  • Beautiful pup Death

  • it is a pit it is a puppy that is why it does not look like the pit that you will do it for you

  • My dog โ€‹โ€‹look like that

  • I think that dog is boxer pitt ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Check them EARS! SOOOO CUTE! =)

  • Cute

  • Ive been using a spray bottle when they begin to bite

  • How did you put Ur puppy stop biting things. I put a baby 1 1/2 mo and he wants to bite, I tell him what to do

  • I love his ears

  • nearly 3 years

  • wow that is the most adorable puppy! How old is he?

  • My dog โ€‹โ€‹tries to bite me shes sorry puppy 3mnths an opinion i knw that she is teething

  • man, cant keep my puppy, but he high fives me and sits


  • Dont let these haters distract moons. I enjoy watching your dog to perform. Good job moons …

  • Well done! Keep working on it! That is cool

  • very nice well done! ๐Ÿ™‚ My friend ask me to put her to adopt, I think 2 or 3 months old, no longer knows how old. But if I am able to determine by pulling on a number of strings, I’ll change my mind about college for a while, one of the only sacrifice I will make the college fund will be pulled out until I ‘m ready to go back to my training

  • and “maybe” close nigga da fuck up you stupid fuck That fukin dnt know what kind of pet you got! what a sucka ..

  • This is a REAL APBT. you think of the huge hippo abominations called American bullies. the real “Pit Bull” is thin, medium, and agile. American Bullies are huge, way to muscular dogs with large heads. they weigh 80 to 145 pounds, APBT (as in this vid) weighing 50 to 75 lbs. Learn the difference

  • Wow talk about ignorance, all the major varieties of a given species can kill someone, do not try to pit bull is like a murderer, or that when a child goes through what it thinks about is “oh God, my sidewalk, I MUST kill the child to my patch of cement to protect! “I have come across people who are much more territorial than any dog โ€‹โ€‹or animal

  • lovee ittttt

  • This little girl is just too cute! Nice job, you made learning so much fun

  • Nice use of food to balance your training.

  • Wow, the handler can make jump high! This is a very bright, beautiful puppy. Clever way to show from a young age, that’s the same thing as the position of your body, especially bending squating … AND lieing down. A good education!

  • Nice work Scott. Luciano should send you one of those “I’m the distraction” shirts.

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