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427 Dog Fence Install

For more info go to on Video Rating: 3/5

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  • OMG what a mess, my machine is for dog fences and just make a slit and lay the thread the same time. I think if you do not care about tearing up the lawn then it is ok, but geez

  • it takes me about 30 minutes to install a 1 hectare with a case maxi sneaker with a custom knife, cuts like butter, but invisible just like 1-3 inches deep. but what the job is at stake. Also hows the invisible fence work.

  • I was thinking that. The reality is most rental places have trenchers, perhaps, not often, trench cover-ups. Vibratory plows and horizontal drilling with locators would be much rarer.

  • wow you need a rental Vibratory Plow way faster and less messy

  • What a beautiful dog! We have 2 jumpers and a lab mix and we are in a fence like this three years ago and it works very well

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