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A contradiction dog training?

Question from Lauren .? A contradiction dog training Well, they say that if you have a problem training your puppy, then you should train strictly cash them. This means that no activity outside body, except to eat and go pot.Ils also say that “tie-outs” or keeping your dog outside all day because they run wild in the house, is not good. These types of mad dogs in the house because they do not know how to act in maison.Voici my point: Is it not the dogs “related” and “strictly” dog crate trained some of the same ? They both do not know how to act in the house whatsoever running wild or go potty. If a dog crate trained is left in its cage, when it is finally released, he has no preconceived notion not to eliminate there. Even the dog that is bound to leave and enter the house went wild, because he does not know how to act. Therefore, it is crate training really work?-Does it cause bad behavior cuz the dog is unable to walk around the house, and did not know he or she should not eliminate this there? Right now I’m training my yorkie puppy crate strictly for seven months on many recomendations because of its insistence on house training. Is it making things worse? What do you think? For all the people say “get that dog away from her” I want all you to hear this: Crate training does not mean that the dog is in the crate until the end of his life! This means that until the dog can be trusted not to crap all over the house, in his power to be crated. This is supposed to be a rapid process to train the dog. Anyone with half a brain should know that. I can assure you that I love my dog ​​with all my heart and do not want to drive it in the best possible way. Personally, I would love to meet face to face with China and tell him what I think of her for her answer because he was completely rude, insensitive and unnecessary. This is Yahoo Answers and not the opinions of Yahoo. For example, China, do it directly, hun, because you seem so unprofessional and no one wants to hear your opinion ugly. Regarding the few answers that helped me, thank you. I now know better how to go about this. I will gate off a room in the house and he wander so she can start roaming. Thank you, once fois.Meilleure response: Answer by

if it goes potty outside, then he does not need being in the crate all the time. to an area that is safe for the puppy when you let go in this area. check with for more help.

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  • training crating is for when you can not supervise the dog, it will not become obedient living in caisse.supervision means looking at the puppy home every second if it tries to potty in the house a severe verbal correction is given and you take the puppy outside immediately and praise when they vont.Inorder to ensure that the puppy does not work on everything you can hjouse babygate the puppy in the same room where you are, or put a leash and attach it to yourself to make supervision easier.

  • My personal belief is that dogs should not be limited permenantly all day, either in a crate or linked to. If your dog is difficult to form then you need to find a suitable method that works. All restricitng a dog does get frustrated so they are actually more likely to misbehave when left out and thus make the training much more difficult. I have had many different dogs of different breeds and I have not really had a dog that was so difficult to house train. It’s just a matter of being totally 100% consistent and really make sure they can not make a mistake rather than trying to correct a mistake they faite.D where the board when Firat you get your puppy, then it needs to go out every day and night hours, and waing soon after a feeding. If you stick to what it will take only a few weeks at home to train your dog.

  • Personally, I disagree with crate training. I have owned several dogs and have never crate trained. Some dogs take longer than others to housebreak. I have a fenced yard and when my dog ​​began to “go” in the house, I rush outside and hang out with them and praises profusely when they went to the bathroom. I think it helps if you rent immediately upon arrival eliminate outside. In addition, I would take a couple of times during the night and do the same procedure. I did not wait for them to “tell” me, they had to go out at night. Then, when they seem to be the hang of it, I cut out with them and praise them when they return home. Keep cutting back a little at a time and eventually they will let you know when to go outside. It takes time but it worked for me with several dogs. I currently have 3 dogs with ages ranging from 6 years to 10 months.

  • The body is not designed to be used as a prison. This is a tool formation.Oui, dogs kept in crates continuously to develop problems. They tend to be unruly when released from the body, and you are right, they do not know how to act in maison.Si you use the crate when the puppy can not be monitored, they are much easier to housebreak . Keep in mind a young puppy will eliminate much of an adult dog, therefore, you should be aware of what the puppy is doing and watch for signs of base he / she needs sortir.Règle ( s) de base: When a puppy wakes up, they need to eat sortir.Après a puppy, they need to sortir.Après 15-20 minutes of play, they need to sortir.Si you take them out and they will not in the bathroom, yes, you should fund them. If they do go to the bathroom, they should be ok for a period of time. 20-30 min after start keeping a closer eye on them, especially if they play a lot. Work on a little basic obedience and again sur.Si your crate is too large, they will disturb him. Crate size should be: height about 1 “clearance when the dog is sitting, the length and width. Dog must be able to stand, turn around and lay comfortably That’s it!

  • I think crate training is cruel and barbaric. Training of children is much the same training as puppies. Who would ever think that locking a child in a box would actually achieve positive effects? Dogs are said to be ‘den animals and they love to be locked in a crate. What a load of crap! Puppies like to run and play and follow their owners. They like the freedom the same as you and me. Of course, they lie down and behave in a box … well what else can they do anyway? For toilet training positive, without crating reading this articlehttp :/ / / toilet-training-puppy.htm

  • I do not know where you got your information but you get absolutely wrong. I wish, I would not read your question because I really feel sorry for your pets. The kind of life, they must be having at your expense. The only thing I’ll tell you what to do, and nobody will like it, but you must find your dog a good home. What I see here if the dog remains with you, he will not have a chance at a happy life. You already have, to date, broke the spirit chiens.Il is nothing sadder than the broken spirit of a dog. What you can see in their eyes. Someone needs to get these dogs out of you. It’s so triste.Je’ll accept all thumbs down on this issue .. But someone needs to save these dogs from her. Let me add this .. I’m really against unions for that reason. People are not used for what it was designed to be used for. I have 8 Shih Tzu who race full in my house .. They have never been in another credit union, then when they are maintained.

  • Here is an article of crate training that might answer some of your cash questions.Je’m training for a reason completely different than potty training. In training a dog everything is based on three actions; No. 1 moving away from the manager of No. 2 remain stationnairesN 3 moving toward the handler without realizing that you did, when the you crate train a dog you have laid the foundation for the three actions.Quand you say “kennel” and send the puppy in the crate, you teach the dog to move away. When you say “lay down and go sleep “you have taught the dog to stay stationnaire.Lorsque you open the box and say call” here “you have learned (the shift)

  • You must train!, Love and be friends of this animal. Once qu’ilréalise (after trained) what is acceptable to sonmaître (you!) will act accordingly. It’s just like a child, you have to teach it!

  • i can point to three doggs a 4 and two puppies at once about 5 months. my old dog I had when he was five weeks E = house was pretty well trained i got lucky. but the puppies were a chore, I work training oncrate two of them. but they are only in the crate when no one is home and when the night is there a place. they go to eat with the door open and take a nap in there when guest are over, but they do volentarily. they feel safe in their own space. one of my puppies is a puppy that was rescued on hand all the time befor I got it and was afriad death of the body and now she plays in it of itself. it’s the same thing with baby. you do not let them roam freely when you’re not watching them and when you go to bed you put them in a crib in their room. they prefer to be with you in your bed, but if you leave you will have a 10 year old child sleep with you and your husband. you can not let a dog to run with supervision. them as they age, they can roam free, like 8 years old child and not need your eyes every second that the infant does. a puppy is a baby, dealing with the cash in their rooms

  • A crate is a great thing to keep your puppy safe when you can not watch it. You can not leave them on hand or tied to all the time because they will never learn to live in the maison.Je have never heard anyone claim that they must be tied / wrapped all the time except when eating / pottying. This is stupid. Of course, there are so clueless self proclaimed experts out there … China said – “I have 8 Shih Tzu who have full run in my house .. They have never been in another credit union, then when they are maintained. “For one thing, credit unions ensure their safety when they are young or bad, and almost all banks and breeders use of X-pens. What happens to your cases not trained dogs when they have to travel, should something happen to you and they go to new homes, are injured and need total rest, etc. What do you do with a puppy, let it run of the house pot and chewing everything he wants? Are you able to supervise a puppy 24/7? BTW, dogs are animals (DEN even lap dogs fufu) and much love their caisses.Zoé said – “the education of children is substantially the same as puppies training “LOL! Not really, they are not children of man. They learn and think differently. This thinking is at least partially responsible for our current problems of dogs, people do not understand that they are not the humans in fur coats. How many hours did you spend managing large packs of dogs. How many have you watched dams raise her puppies? Dogs must be raised and treated as their mothers and leaders would pack.Et “Puppies love to run and play and follow their owners.” Of course they do, and they should. But when you can not control them, they should be in a safe place for boredom. I hate people when answers to questions and know almost nothing on their minds …. sujet.Briser being in a crate about …. LMAO!

  • I know where you have just the thing …. I have two potted yorkies one year old and a three to seven months old …. they can be stubborn little things. your best bet is to do as I do …. get baby gates and door off the room who you are and not let them roam the room … for the credit union authorized to use when you need to leave them alone for a few hours but make sure they have paper to go and something to put on … my 3 year old is housebroke if I leave it on the floor or she will decide to pot up there but down it goes … my 7 month old, on the other hand if I keep in a secure residence in the immediate area, it will go into the other room and do his buisiness …. otherwise it will go into the kitchen and using his papers (too cold here to let him out but there is only 3 pounds) so it becomes papers ….. if you keep your puppy near you limit to one room until she learns that he can not go on the floor, then gradually increase to two bedrooms and so it might work, but as I said THEY ARE ….. lol STUBBORN but adorable and cute …… and I do not believe in the ideas of the peoples of crate training should only be used at night or if you must leave for a while if its more than two hours the door of the puppy in the kitchen or bathroom somewhere without carpet and put the documents …………………… hope this helps ………. Postscript is also linked a dog outside all day is just as bad as crating all day! same difference

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