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A dog owner’s worst nightmare (Michael Vick)?

issue by Chaos * DELETED * Add a new profile : The worst nightmare of a dog owner (Michael Vick) Now, I do not even bother to talk how this man is terrible, but if you’ve never heard abominations he did I’ll give a link for you: 17/vick/index.htmlQuoi In any case, I read an article in a magazine that I have dogs, and they said close to all dogs found / find new homes. That is great in everything, and I could not be happier for these extraordinary dogs. But it made me think of some questions.Je mean why these Pitbulls adopted so quickly, when all the other dogs in similar conditions, which are not new, they begin to die immediately why everyone was so quick to adopt these dogs, but do not even take a second look at all the Pitbulls in all shelters? He said: “Among the rescued dogs, 22 were considered too aggressive to enter the house immediately and sent to Best Friends socialization and training. “Why do not all dogs get aggressive others a second chance like this? again, as I said, I could not be happier these dogs are adoptés.Merci Claire and Kate, it looks like we’re on the same wavelength! Opinions bons.I very Dont Bark … I Yodel, thank you, very good answer. I like the side of your watching. I do not think that they know that these dogs are adopted. So in turn, they will make a profit. reply Very good avis.Meilleure : Response

by Liz
well pit bulls are very misunderstood as the average and animals bad if I’m sure the shelters are just trying to change this image by showing the public that possible rehabilitation of a seemingly hopeless cases.

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  • competitor dream! plus they were much less protected than the owner is willing to sell.

  • In my opinion, this is more a question of status action.Certains good purchase beautiful purebred dogs for thousands of dollars as a status symbol, and this seems to be a similar case. What a great way to get the status – knowing that you have a dog that has made the news! Are not fair and it’s not fair. I feel your pain, and I hope that this race was given the respect it deserves – regardless of whether it was a house of celebrity or not.

  • What you bring up is very sobering. Very good point. What makes these aggressive dogs any different from other aggressive dogs, in addition to not make the news?

  • Because the name micheal vick was attached to these dogs is the only reason why. I know seems very very unfair and everyone who adopted one of the dogs for the sole purpose of owning a dog micheal vick is just as bad as him. Where were they when a dog needed a home, but did not have a famous name attached people. to all shelter dogs older pets / property celebrities and all dogs have a makes me sick too, I understand what you say

  • I used to live near Best Friends and like all shelters they have limited resources so that each dog can not go there (I almost had to take our bird there – we ‘ saved from an abusive home and it took a long time for us to understand how to deal with his rage attacks) – I know what you mean, but – why do media attention give dogs a second chance when there are tons of other dogs deserve a second chance, too? I guess we should be happy that some dogs have a second chance, even if it is ridicule.Sur a better note, I know that all the shelters in the fight against the dogs sleep if they are not aggressive to people . When I went in to adopt a dog there was a beautiful bull gentle calm sky sitting there and I asked the shelter worker about it and she said the dog was a fighting dog rescued if it could not go into a house with other animals. She was perfectly fine with people, but simply aggressive with other animals. So there is hope that more adoptable there who are given a chance than we think. Everything depends on housing policies and local legislation.

  • Advertising …. and the “bottom line”. Even a charitable nonprofit should think of their “bottom line” so that they can maintain a positive cash flow and stay affaires.La publicity surrounding Vick’s dogs was essentially “free advertising”. Advertising for dogs and any animal charity strengthened to help the dogs. It was almost a “given” that somebody would remember these dogs and would adopt ….. more it would attract national attention to the rescue thus increasing their exposure and focus in donations. In business terms, rehabbing Vick’s dogs was a “smart business investment.” The money spent on dogs was guaranteed to get a return. “Regular” cases of violence involving dogs pit bulls and the people who are NOT celebrities get little (if any) coverage. Nobody sees dogs, nobody gets their strings pulled on the plight of the poor animals. Nobody knows where the dogs end. The rescue will take dogs (if anyone cares to strengthen) can not advertise. The only chance the dog is that if a benevolent and sympathetic lover Pit Bull is ready to take poMalheureusement, these people are few and far between …. and many shelters with limited resources, they must choose between weeks / months of expenses (and lots of money) “rehabilitate” a Pit Bull that has been abused and is an aggressive dog ….. or a week, housing more “easily adoptable” dog that someone will pass quickly and has no kind of liability insurance to rescousse.Même if a charity is “in it for the greater good” they still have to think about the economy and money …. and sometimes that means making difficult choices about dogs, they can help you. Sad reality.

  • It is not fair, but people have more sympathy for dogs in high profile cases.

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