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A Duck, A Dog and an Invisible Fence!

This duck knows exactly how far the dog can come… and takes complete advantage of it! Poor little doggie!!

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  • That’s mean!

  • Is this in new port richey FL?

  • I like the idea of these invisible fences, we were thinking of getting one as we are moving to a new house and can’t put up a fence there! I do think that the dog in this should have a much larger area to be in. The new place we are going to has an acre of land so we need something so that the dogs don’t go into local farm land and start scaring cattle, i think that if a fence like this is to be used a very large area should be available for your dog NOT just a front yard!

  • Duck?

  • I for one LOVE electric fences. They keep my little sister from getting hit by a truck or running after the ice-cream man.

  • if i would see that i would grab your dog and knock you out with it.

  • The duck walked up to the garage stand, he said to the dog “wa!” BARK BARK BARK

  • nope thats a duck. their movement is different from a chicken

  • that looks like a chicken or a hen….not a duck

  • Yeah I agree with that. Why the fuck should we suffer because idiots run riot? If you’re an idiot fuck off

    Electric fences are terrible. If you can’t control your dog then you can’t have a dog, because it could kill someone.

  • Wise qwacker

  • @FrontierHorserider It’s called a muscovy duck …..wikipedia(dot)org/wiki/Muscovy_duck ….I know because we had some 10-15 avg in Brazil…

  • arrested for being an idiot?

  • Only sick people use electrician collar/fence. Why not teach the dog, instead of giving it a shock? And people who think it’s a good idea to use, should be arrested for begin such an idiot.

  • if i was your neighbor that dog would disappear in less than a week

  • i think thats a chicken

  • There is no invisible fence, the dog touches the dark a few times and clearly doesnt get shocked! The dog is just playing

  • Breakaway trails? Ormond?

  • iDont See A Invisible Fece -_-

  • poor dog :>

  • LOL the duck doesnt care XD


  • The ducks like “da na-na-na-na-na-na-na can’t touch this”

  • thats not a duck if it was it would have run long gone soon it hear the dog bark

  • What…you don’t have driveway ducks?

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