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Achieve Peace of Mind With Dog Shock Collar

Russ Elderman asked:

One of the common issues faced by dog owners these days is actually barks. Imagine, how many people could not go to sleep properly because of their annoying sounds? How many children and guests would have to say no to your invitation for a cup of tea simply because your dog’s barks scare them?

Usually, one of your main solutions is to keep your dog somewhere, where there will be no people who could see him or her and your pet would also not be able to mingle with the crowd. The problem with this set-up is you really don’t answer the main issue. The moment that you release him or her, he or she will just continue to bark. Sometimes even when he or she is already out of sight, the dog will continue to do so.

Thus, it may become imperative for you to utilize a dog shock collar.

It’s Not Scary

Okay, just because it has the word “shock,” it doesn’t mean that it’s going to send a lot of volts right into your dog. It’s not only unsafe, but it’s also inhumane. When it comes to dog bark collars, especially those of PetSafe, you can relate the term with “startle,” a little jolt enough to quiet your dog for a while.

Here’s how the system works: the dog collar actually comes with a bark detection system. This is a technology that allows the dog collar to pick up barks or vibrations produced by the dog. Every time your pet barks or makes a sound, the device will become activated, releasing high-pitch tones that only the dog can hear.

The sound will definitely not last long; however, it would be sufficient to make the dog stop. As he or she continues to experience it every time he or she barks, your pet would realize that the real reason for the high frequency is his or her barks. He or she would then learn to control the sounds he or she produces.

There’s More

The system used by this dog shock collar is different from the other similar products sold in the market today. Some of them make use of microphones, which are very sensitive that they can pick up other sounds besides the barks. In the end, the collars always release the annoying sound. Your dog would also find it hard to determine what really causes the produced sound.

PetSafe dog collars can also be customized based on the correction level your dog needs or you want. Depending on the package you’ve chosen, there could be one to 10 correction settings. You can learn to reduce the correction setting if there is any improvement in the temperament of your dog. Some collars, such as Deluxe, can make automatic adjustments.

To ensure that your dogs won’t lose their mobility, the collars are equipped with flexible and adjustable buckles. The neck sizes are also broad ranged. Deluxe dog bark collars can be worn by breeds that have neck sizes of up to 16 inches and weigh not more than 55 pounds.


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