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Adoption dog mustard sandwich … Do you know about them?

Question Adoption Dog Mustard Sandwich … Do you know about them? Mustardsandwich.netOk, so a few years, I found this site … They claim to be a rescue animals and they let you adopt puppies around the end of 8 weeks Puppies … you adopt come “almost made” and “up to date on vaccinations” J I found somewhere that people think they are a breeder who is disguised as a rescue animal. They think that because it sounds too good to be true. In addition, they have always chiots.Ma question is, do you know about them? Have you adopted them? Are they a real rescue? If you adopted them, are the puppies as the site said they were? Thanks … I’m sorry I gave a very brief explanation on the site … Visit the website to see what guarantees and things and see what you pensez.Wow, guys, thank you … It is very depressing …… and I feel like an idiot! I guess it’s too good to be true: ( Best answer: Answer by

This sounds like a puppy mill online Me. I would not do something about them.

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  • Hello, ive never used this site, but just looked. The layout of the site seems very strange almost professional. It seems very strange that the puppies would be trained by the time their 8-12 weeks when I know it takes much more than that. I also looked at the section of questions and answers and the answers seemed to make sense as the puppies from poor areas and it is a fact that otherwise they would kill shelters high. As indicated on the site. However, I’m tired that you do not know what the sources of questions are taken. Call or visit the shelter and see if they have certificates and things. Also if they were to recur, why would they adopt them instead of making money? In this regard seems authentique.En fact, I change my mind. The site appears to be, illegal after reading the “dogforum” thing on the other displays. I would like to report site.Ne feel like an idiot because you are not. It is good that your application does these things before buying a puppy.

  • Does not look like a rescue legitimate for me.

  • Yes I agree that it looks like a factory chiots.Si you do not know what it is when he is basically a person that the dog breeds and says they are “purebred” and they have all their shots and medicine, when the puppies live in small cages and were fed “crap” food and water. Some of their torture chien.Je would not buy anything from them, but I would spread the word about the factory chiots.J hope I helped!

  • It seems really suspicious. if you are looking for a puppy look at lieu.PANDA

  • “Okay, I did a WHOIS lookup to see if I could get a adresse.Tout First, it is registered and hosted by an Australian company, which is suspect.Deuxièmement, the name it is registered resulted in a post office box as an address in California, which I find very strange for a company that breeds, uh, excuse me … RESCUE (LOL) and delivers the dogs on the East Coast of the United Unis.Troisièmement, this is a confidential record, which means no phone number or e-mail address of the person who runs the site is provided. There are a number buried on the site with an area code, however, Massachusetts. So at least I know what state to start by finding out how to enquête.Si everything that’s not enough of a red flag for you, well ….. good luck! “-” MadCarlotta “ ~ ~ V

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