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Adoption Gone Bad Plus pot?

Question ? Adoption Gone Bad Plus Potty ok, I asked this question a few days ago but I do not think I explained myself right. My dog ​​had her first (and only) litter of puppies I have raised for 8 weeks. I received the potty trained to where they whine and cry when they need to be let out or they are in their pen game and have pillows to continue. We had friends and family to adopt most puppies, but we had a little left and hesitantly turned to Craigslist. add in the list we have them potty trained and when they answered we informed them that the puppies are house trained, as you listen to them and you had the bird game right and the situation pad established for them. when they picked up their little they could place a small pee & poop on his block and they said “yes puppies have accidents.” they took home and even texted us the next day and said how “it was well potty trained” and less than 48 hours later, they contacted us claiming that we falsified our dog & add n is not formed. (They were to leave a puppy from 8 weeks to run free without supervision and on a white carpet) told us they did not follow our instructions on how to take care of him and we even contacted other people who have siblings and they say they are all trained great with minor injuries expected. while we have registered e-mail, and could end up in court. trying to get the dog, as it should not be in an unwanted house, but if we end up in court do you think we should be liable for damages when we have fully explained the extent of their training ? Best answer: Answer

by Olive
I am not a lawyer. Perhaps that question to a category based on the right? That said, I think if you give them their money, and ask for the puppy back, no harm no foul. what they said about it?

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  • You guys are not liable for damages because he did not follow the instructions you gave him specifically. Potty training a puppy is fairly easy, it’s like having a cat to go to the toilet. The quickest way is to get a dog that is not small enough to fall into the toilet: D, JK, but yes, clicker training is a way to do it. Puppies, like humans, are imperfect, so of course they will have minor spills here and there, no one should expect the perfect puppy. He did not pad down everything that I heard, the more it does not appear he even tried to read the instructions (eventhough dogs do not really have any instructions, I “refers to the development pad). So the answer is no, but it is the courts to decide, as long as you get a reasonable judge, you’re fine (if you go to court). As a word of advice, you should tell anyone (if you have another liter) for a carpet cheap (maybe $ 10 for puppies playground) because you can not legally be pursued (in court) for nothing less $ 20.

  • No. No puppy is 8 weeks completely potty trained. No judge think the other couple could be so stupid. And you are not liable for damages. These people are just having buyers remorse. They want a perfect dog for someone else to put all the hard work in training. What jerks.

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