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AKC Beginner Novice Obedience Demonstration

Welcome to the first of many short training videos which we hope to bring you along for AKC Companion Events. This short video shows the Obedience Beginner Novice class. We hope you enjoy the demonstration.

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  • Because they do not answer, I thought I would … there is no “test” that you must pass before you show your dog. However, your dog need to be registered with the AKC first and they have more than 6 months old. I would suggest to and purchase the obedience rulebook, it will tell you everything you need to know.

  • Is there a test you must pass before being able to get your dog to show?

  • Would have been good to the right commands and signals, either audio or photo capture. During the recall, the camera pans away from the judge, so that you do not see the signal to the handler. Ooops.

  • Handy video. I will show you a new dog quickly and although I have a CDX on a dog last year I’ve never done BN. Thank you!

  • This is a real confidence builder for those of us who have not tried their first test. I look forward to more high quality videos like this on AKC!

  • Thank you for the educational video! I can not wait to see more. But I could not help but remember that when I took my dog ​​by the Beginner Novice A class earlier this year, we were not given for a walk throughs of the three trials we entered.

  • Good idea! I would like to see this done for each level! For people who mainly train on their own would be really useful to see what is expected, so that training can be performed correctly.

  • Excellent! Thank you AKC.

  • really useful to see this. I think if you have never shown that this would be a great help and get rid of some “I do not know what to do ‘nerves.

  • Is this Dr. Bill Thane in the video?

  • This is a wonderful video and especially to show how easy it can be for beginners I have the first two legs of a beginning dog and it’s just so cute

  • excellent presentation! AKC well done!

  • excellent presentation! AKC well done!

  • Very useful for both aspiring judges and handlers. Deserves to be widely viewed. Let’s be more like this.

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