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American Staffordshire Terrier – Dog Training Video

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  • I think pits are sweet as can be. My brother had 1 and he let my nephews climb over him and look at my brother like he sayin “please stop the madness” it was fun.

  • I have a 4 yrs old Amstaff I’ve had since he was 3 months old and yes he still gets aggressive toward other dogs, but many people around, you have specific techniques to deal with this behavior.

  • Amstaffz r the best dogz

  • what is mixed in a amstaff making?

  • I have a beautiful staffy cross, he is so naughty and excited around other dogs. But he loves people and he loves my two cats he sleeps with them, and plays rough with my big cat, which bites its tail and claws his legs. I’ve never seen any aggression in him he’s a bit naughty on the phone he keeps picking up, but is getting better.

  • Ing so aggressive? She lives with 2 Labradors at home and she is ok with them.

  • My friend has an American Staffordshire bull cross. The dog is about a year old in the house and when Ruby (dog’s name) is very affectionate, as Excite state. The problem is when she is out she is very aggressive towards people and other dogs to the point where we do not dare her to let off the lead. I am afraid that once she gets to full size they will too strong to control, and we need to get rid of her that would be a shame, because she is a sweet dog in the house. How can we stop it having been

  • get her one of those fronts training collars.

  • No cat loves my Amstaff or, as he just wants to play XD

  • I would only two animals to each other, see how they respond. They could hit it off, and they could hate each other. If your cat can not get along with the puppy, then do not take the puppy, a puppy or take your cat to handle. Her Declawing is inhumane. Cats use their claws for various things (to climb for example) and it is not the cat’s fault if she does not like the puppy. Not all dogs at each other, either, also applies to cats.

  • I agree that they are bad people to attract, but there are people, like myself, who love these dogs and who know how to raise them well. Amstaffs are not the same breed as the American Pit Bull Terrier. They are cousins, they share a lot of similarities in appearance, the features to be put under the term “pitbull”. I prefer my dog ​​a Pitbull but, not a pit bull call.

  • Some people train their Amstaffs for shows or something, so they bulk their dogs by allowing them to pull heavy stuff, so that the chest muscles to develop more. Most Amsaffs are ‘thin’ if you do not pull all the weight and so on.

  • Amstaffs no pitbulls (I know that if a term Amstaffs pitbulls are, of course, the APBT and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier), but they are separate breeds, but have enough similarities to make the term “pitbull”.

  • My Pitbull is so excited and energetic. I love that about him, but it can be difficult sometimes around other dogs and especially around other dog owners. My dog ​​always wants another dog to explore and play with them, but many dog ​​owners are apparently afraid that my dog ​​is their only food biters. I trust him around large dogs such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Doberman’s, Labs, Golden retrievers and such, but small dogs, not so much.

  • They’re sort of cousins, but to be honest, I can hardly make the difference. Perhaps it is clearer to see when you Amstaff and APBT coexist.

  • Can someone Amstaffs why some are so massive and some so thin? it is a nother Rase or can you train your doug “muscular”

  • There is another llikey the dog aggressive. So IF you decvide this race to get .. BE PREPARED crate and RUN FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES … it can!

  • Yo I have an amstaff / rottweiler and shes almost 7 months, I trained her to sit, lay dead to play and lots of things on command, but she refuses to join me as we walk with the leash. Swear to God that I tried everything, but it will just do it. Was wondering if you have any tips?

  • @ Hrvatica918 wot goodwill gettin your cats claws ripped do? Why dont you pull the teeth out while you. Introduce them wen the dog is young, the cat will take a few hits, stay calm. The dog has borders with the cat, adequate exercise to know before you introduce the dog.

  • I’m English n know an American Staffordshire bull terrier pitbull =. It’s just a way for the upper classes to say they got a pitbull. Pitbulls are staffies n n siiiiccckkkkk not a bad race, but they attract dickhead owners

  • I thought about maybe getting her declawed before the puppy …. but now I certainly do! Thanks 🙂

  • My sister has a cat Am and my staff just wants to be friends with her … he is more afraid of the cat, she scratches him and draws blood. I was more nervous that the cat / kitten would take the dogs eye or something …

  • @ Eletendre1 Hello 🙂 I have a quick question. I have an 11-month old kitten and I thought about getting a puppy Am staff. I research a lot about how puppies learn about cats, but I was wondering if you input on this subject? Or a do’s and don’ts?

  • 22 people loike MIN PINS 🙂

  • dependely the nature of the pitbull

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