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An Anti-Bark Collar Can Save Your Poor Nerves

Al Bullington asked:

Constant dog barking can drive you almost crazy. One possible solution is an anti bark collar. Remember though that something is causing all that barking. Observation of your dog may help you find the cause.

If you don’t know what else to do, a dog barking collar may work to give you some peace and quiet. Now barking doesn’t bother your dog. It doesn’t hurt his ears or irritate his throat. In fact, it’s probably fun for your dog to bark. But, in many cases getting the barking under control could improve your whole outlook on life. It may help your neighbor’s quality of life too.

You have four choices for anti bark collars.

1. Ultrasonic collars.

Ultrasonic bark control collars detect barking and then generate a powerful blast of sound that your dog hears, but you don’t. The noise stops when the barking stops. Most dogs learn to stop barking.

2. Vibrating collars.

If the dog barks, these collars start vibrating until the barking stops. None of these collars work for all dogs. And many dogs know the problem is coming from the collar. Remove the collar and the barking comes back.

3. Shock collars.

A shock to the dog comes from these collars when the barking begins. Usually the intensity of the shock is variable. Remember that some level of barking is normal for any dog and it certainly seems extreme to shock a dog just for barking.

4. Citronella collars.

Barking triggers a spray in the face of the dog with citronella oil. Now the oil won’t hurt the dog, but the spray is startling and the smell is powerful and persistent. None of this is harmful to the dog, but it isn’t much fun either. Some report these spray collars are as effective as the shock collars.

If your dog’s wild barking spells are driving you nutty, get some peace and quiet with dog barking training. An anti bark collar may be just the tool that will help you.


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