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any potty training tips?

Question by ImATXAggie: any potty training tips?

I have a 7 month old German Shepherd; she is “paper trained” – but refuses to go outside!

I am now putting her in her crate for an hour or so, then outside – back in to play – outside again – back in crate – and so it goes throughout the day. I feel bad about putting her in her crate so much; but that was the last bit of advice I was given. (confine, outside, play, outside, confine)

Due to an injury and subsequent surgery, I have been limited in what I can do with her until recently. Prior to my injury, we had been to puppy classes; so she knows her obedience commands, and is well mannered & socialized. Except for this “indoor toilet” bit – she’s a good dog!

Thank you kindly for any helpful hints you may have.

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Answer by cool breeze
Carry her poo outside and lay it on the grass where you would like it to land, she’ll get the idea.

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  • The fact that she is “paper trained” is your problem. Why didn’t you take her OUTSIDE from the start? She thinks she’s supposed to go inside the house. You’ve confused the poor dog. Dog’s don’t understand “You can go HERE in the house, but not HERE.” They also don’t understand “You’ve been going on the paper inside for 7 months, but NOW I want you to go OUTSIDE.” Dogs think in Black&White, no gray areas for them.

    Move the paper closer and closer to the door each day. After gradually moving the papers to the door, let them sit at the door for a few days. After that, you can move the papers just outside the door, then gradually to the yard or wherever you want her to go. After a week or so, you can start removing the papers. If she starts to have accidents, you know you’re going too fast. Go back a step and start over.

    Other than that, follow housetraining rules 101 and you should be fine. Good luck.

  • Do you know the time when she poop & peeing indoor? perhaps you can start by bringing her outside on that time. When she does poop & peeing outside, give her rewards like candy, meanwhile when she does it inside, don’t reward her. This rewarding tricks works well with my puppies, I hope it works for yours too! Good luck!

  • Make her a pen out of furniture, or something and have it become her home. She won’t want to soil her own area, so when she whines to get out you take her to the bathroom spot outside. Even if she doesn’t have to go, she will learn that whining will result in a bathroom break. Once she doesn’t soil her own area and is used to whining to go to the bathroom, let her roam the rest of the house and use your preferred method of discipline when she soils in the house somewhere. She should learn to whine to go outside when she has to go very quickly.

  • Hey there,

    Seeing as you’ve already started the potty training process inside, she is probably now used to it and you may need to start the process all over again, but outside.

    Keep to a schedule – feed at the same time every day – it will allow you to somewhat predict when your puppy needs to go potty once she is used to a routine.

    Most common times to look out for are after meals, first thing in the morning, before bedtime, after nap(s)…

    Close supervision will help to pick up on signs when she is about to go e.g. circling, sniffing the floor, arching her back when walking etc. You should only try and correct the behavior during the act.

    Expect accidents to happen and clean up thoroughly – even if you don’t smell anything – she has a very sensitive smell and if she picks up on any trace of odor she will most likely ‘reoffend’ in the same spot. You can use a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water to clean up and mask the smell.

    Hope this helps

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