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Any suggestions for putting ear drops (infection) in the ear of my dog?

question SingingStrings : Suggestions for putting ear drops (infection) in the ear of my dog ​​ I have a Labrador Retriever / Chow mix. She weighs about 55 pounds and is a very strong dog. It also has a little cranky. When we take him to the vet, she literally be killed by a shot out of combat and be laying flat on his face before doing what they should do (heartworm test, shots, etc.) This is a disaster for 3-4 people usually holding her to the vet at once to try to get enough clothes for the vet to give the coup de grace shot to do other things. It is THAT paranoid vétérinaire.Elle was once nosedive by what I consider to be a bumblebee. His nose / face type swollen and since it has always been paranoid about a buzz or anything else that could potential “get it.” So anything that buzzes, it seems to attribute to bees / flies / her things poche.Son ear is bothering him. I can say that it is red and scaly look within possibly with small red bumps. seems to be another ear infection in his right ear. I tried the clear and clean as best I could given his franticness. I had to put a muzzle to it (it will bite me … she has always been a dog-tempered way). It is a very dog affectionate and playful most of the time, however. This is just the vet and during certain situations (like trying to get her to eat her worming tablet or a chance to vet or ear drops) that opens on the side. Even with a muzzle, it literally screams bloody murder when I try to hold it down and put the drops in the ear. drops We granted before she was when she had a problem similar. Even the vet could not get the drops in the ear then (and this is why we always), so she ended up having to get vaccinated and take pills at place.Est- the problem that some veterinary drugs in tablets / antibiotics to her without her coming? I can not tell you what a fucking disaster he tries to take her to the vet. Apparently our dog n ‘ is not the only … others vet who own dogs have told their stories to disasters. Obtain the “trained” professionally (I do not know why this is the first thing that people cling to – when a dog is in a state of panic, “training” or not … they will do what they want) … I would doubt that at all. She already knows basic commands that I learned but do not listen when she is scared or state panique.A noted that it marks the sign flapping head and scratching his ear, as if it itches or hurts. He looks inside red with scattered white bumps on research and it had some nasty dirt in there that I tried my best to clean, which is similar to what it was before, when she had an infection ear. drops were previously prescribed by the veterinarian Otibiotic ointment for yeast infections and infections bactériennes.A noted that it marks the sign flapping head and scratching his ear, as if it itches or hurt. He looks inside red with white bumps scattered research and it had some nasty dirt in there that I tried my best to clean, which is similar to what it previously, when she had the ear infection. drops were previously prescribed by the veterinarian Otibiotic ointment for yeast infections and infections bactériennes.Meilleure response: Answer

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veterinarian should ask, call and ask what it takes to coach faireparler how to train and exercise your chiencar training a dog that prevents go into panic mode

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  • back when I cared for the dogs, I had a lot of references Vets because I specialize in behavior problems. I did a lot of dogs like vôtre.J ‘got a big advantage over groomer because I was a name and a behavioral dog trainer who specialized in training and I have a little aggression innate gift that aids moi.demandez your vet if there is someone who specializes as a wash ça.obtenir good ear in a pet, fill the ear canal with ear wash, do not allow dog to shake his head, under the ear and massage just behind the jaw bone, once you find the right place, you will hear the sound of sloshing. rub up & down real good and then allow dog to shake his head. now go with a paper towel or cotton ball and clean what you can because of your dogs behavior, it is because your dog is a profane, pampered pets. And has not been corrected for bad behavior.

  • Try calling the vet to explain the situation. Tell them he is saying and maybe take some pictures of the ear to show them. My dog ​​is exactly the same way hes a german shepherd and acts mean to the vet, but we managed to put a muzzle on him. They gave us a small bottle with stuff reddish color inside the house smelling vinegar mixed with something else and they gave us something called OTI-SOOTHE ear cleaning solution. You can buy the OTI-SOOTHE on Amazon for 8.99 I just checked. They told me to ask the dog’s ear once a week. But just call the vet, I think it might be different everywhere.

  • Is that your dog has an established history of ear infections? In a dog that does not have a chronic problem, a veterinarian is less able to prescribe medication over the phone. The rationale is simple. There are many different bacteria that can cause what appears to be a simple ear infection. Yeast is the most common, but it could be a range Staph and other bacteria. Thus, the veterinarian will do a swab ear to be sure bacteria, then he / she can ensure that your dog receives the appropriate medication to treat problème.Allez ahead and call, make the appointment. Talk to the person on the phone and describe the problem and the behavior of dogs. See if maybe the vet will just give you a script without seeing. If not, ask if you can use two cotton swabs and swab inside the ear … get more dirt as you can. Place in a plastic baggy and immediately bring your dog to the vet and Qtips. The veterinarian must have it, the laboratory required (Qtips) without stress or control your dog. Maybe the vet would be willing to take a quick peak every dog ​​in your vehicle if you think your dog would be better there vs. bring inside. From there, the vet can determine the severity and the next line of action (sedatives to clean or to clean the house if you are confident in performing the task yourself) But you would be given Cleaner ears and antibiotic ointment which would be placed in the ear once or twice daily for 7 to 14 days. This is probably the most effective way of traitement.Votre dog is certainly not the first and will not be the last difficult patient to your vet faces. They are trained and accustomed to this kind of thing, even if it requires a veterinarian, a few technicians and a sedative to do the job. Other things to try to spare is an oral sedative to give your dog to see the vet before him a little boost. Sometimes it works, sometimes .. it makes things worse. Worth asking about and maybe try. Apart from that, I think your dog is spoiled and just was not “socialized” properly when it is young. Had he been strangely handled and used to people doing weird things, like blocking fingers into his ears, etc. .. it would be easier to deal with at that age. Now you basically have to deal with the contention chemical solution. Some dogs are still difficult. But it is my general primary owner * should * be able to manage and control a dog in all situations. An example of this was a little black man who eats Cocker that used to come to the veterinary clinic, I worked. T Bone … never forget this dog. He had fully intended to CHOMP and blood draw. Meanest little dog I’ve ever seen. But with his next owner, who was quite able to hold well despite his 70plus years of age, we could not do anything. Without it … nothing! * I * could not get a muzzle on the dog … Groomer would not touch the dog. We could groom him, take exams, glands express, process, etc. ears without medication. Owner placed on the muzzle, leash held firmly and gave a sharp correction and firm NO to any time he did EVERYTHING looked suspicious. She knew how much timing correction and did it with finesse. After a few years we were able to manage the easiest in his presence. She reported that she could do something she needed him. But nobody else could touch: pBonne luck with your dog. I hope my suggestions help you. Regarding behavioral problems … try a trainer. Make it so that at least you can handle. Yes, it is a training issue. If the owner can not take care of the dog if it is far easier for the vet 😉

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