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Anyone want an Australian Terrier?

Question by Rebekah W ? anyone want an Australian Terrier I have an Australian Terrier. It is a sweet dog, but to be honest, I can not fully potty train him. It could be, he marking territory, so it might be the formation of right behavior. It is full of race, undocumented. and we think it is a teeneager. It is very true to the alpha female (me). Needs a loving woman ready to work with him. We live in Las Vegas, NV. I would keep if I could teach him, but I have five children whom I homeschool, I am a doula, and very active in my religion. We have been tricked into taking a “pot trained” dog of our neighbor, or we would have never had a dog that has not already been formés.Meilleure response: Answer by

Try crate training him. It is one of God’s creatures and you are responsible for him. Consult for reasons to keep it, not reasons to get rid of lui.Btw I 6 children, foster animals, have my own animals, I learn livestock (not breed mine but looking in show other animals), working from home, and my husband is half the time because he is an entrepreneur .. .

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  • Try crate training him.

  • You should get a good book on the breed of your dog. It can be very tramatic for your dog to go into a new home. Try obedience training before you leave. Is this your first time training a dog? Remember when your first child was being potty trained? You thought would never happen! Do not give up on the small. This could be a good experience for both of you.

  • Does you dog fixed? – We have a little boy who is not fixed. He needs to score the world. It’s kinda funny to watch. He can not help himself. I do not think he really knows what he does. This is supposed to slow down after it is fixed. We look forward to the découvrir.Fidèle their owner is part of being an Australian – We have two of them. This is an exceptional breed! Every day, they bring love, laughter, and sunshine in our house. They are also one of the most difficult dog breeds find. People do not just go out and get an Australian. This is a big deal to own one of these dogs. They are not owned a dog outside alone all day as they really need their peuple.Si you let that dog go, you probably will not be able to get another. I suggest that you cherish the gift you have, maybe hire a coach. If you are not a dog person, and do not have time, then that’s another story. This breed is not for everyone. If Hart is set by finding him a loving home, then contact the Australian National Terrier Rescue. Go to the national website Australian Terrier and you will find a link to the rescue:

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