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Are Electronic Dog Training Collars Safe?

Dog training collars have been around well over 30 years. Unfortunately at the early stages of introduction, these types of collars did not win many hearts, not only due to the fact that they were expensive and not reliable, but also due to their unsafe nature. But in time with consumer feedback and input, manufacturers worked hard to make these systems much more safe, reliable and easy to use. In time, dog training collars grew in popularity and currently are a much sought out product. With the ever growing popularity of dog training collars, prospective owners have a wide spectrum of choice, not only from the ample variety of types, but also the selection of manufacturers. Unfortunately many dog owners decide upon owning an electronic dog training collar after all other options have been exhausted.

The most universal reason for this is the fact that owners worry whether an electronic dog training collar is safe for their four legged family member. If used properly, this type of system is probably the most humane technique of training a dog or a puppy. With numerous levels of stimulation, often over 10 with most units today, it is easy to find the level at which the dog first feels the stimulation. This exact level that a dog feels that stimulation a human would describe it as a slight “tingle”, in fact if felt by children it most often brings them to a giggle. A system that would make a child giggle is by far far away from an inhumane system.

Another reason that owners tend to stay away from these gadgets is the unfortunate past experience with some sort of electric shock. For example, being shocked as a kid whilst touching the outlet with something metallic, or as simple as replacing a light bulb and sometimes feeling a numbness in their fingers or arms, or as drastic as hearing about someone being killed by electricity. Fortunately for these systems, the amount of electric shock is very minimal as the stimulation generated by them is from small batteries and are very safe. With that in mind, no one is afraid of changing batteries in the remote controls, or mp3 players. And that clearly states that if used correctly, an electronic dog training collar is a very safe and humane system.

To conclude, a dog training collar is not only a very safe technique in teaching a four legged family member to behave and be safe, but also a very effective one. Many owners who finally decide upon an electronic collar due to exhausting all orthodox options very shortly learn that this system is far more superior than any other training technique. An electronic dog training collar allows the owner to correct a misbehaving dog right away, and aide their friend to become in control, as a dog will learn very shortly that by behaving they experience no discomfort. Nevertheless, an electronic dog training collar is aimed at using only the stimulation level a dog first feels, and not any higher. With this in mind, if an owner abuses this system, they could possibly much more discomfort to a dog than required. One should always remember to acquire advice from an expert before purchasing a system.

Dog training collars are an exceptional tool for almost everyone wishing to teach their pets how to behave and be safe. For more information on types of dog training collars, please visit us @ Training Collars for Your Dog
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