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Assistance or training “Seeing Eye” Dog in SE Massachusetts?

MarkG Question : help or training “Seeing Eye” Dog in SE Massachusetts? I once heard about a program that “trained” and socialized puppies in preparation for the guide / dog training assistance. Pups were placed in a home for up to one year where they would be socialized, taught basic obedience and house, etc. break the family home … Does anyone have contact information for such a program? I am particularly interested in programs located in the southeastern Massachusetts? Best answer: Answer

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What you are asking about is called Raising puppies .. I did it for 2 years for a group here in Ohio .. Here are some groups in check .. Im not sure those programs in your state, but it’s a start

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  • Seeing Eye dogs are trained only to the eye that sees, in Morristown, New Jersey. It does not appear that they give the puppies all over Masshttp: / / a list of other schools across the guide dog in the United States and around the world. You might find one on this list, you can work with. Some require you to live within a certain radius of their school and others do not. So you’ll just have to make some recherches.Si want to find a reputable service program to work with the dog, you can check the list of members of Assistance Dogs International: . php

  • Check with the local 4H club. Many of them have an affiliation Puppy Guide.

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