Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

Bark Collar – A Positive Way to Train

Karen Carter asked:

Overall research data has shown that the second most common complaint received at local police stations (next to false alarms) are complaints about barking dogs! The result for the owner is police warnings, expensive fines, eviction notices and strained relationships.

Dogs bark because it is their natural communication and behavior. Dogs bark for many reasons, but most of us want our dogs to be “watch dogs” and alert us to anything unusual. We don’t want non-stop barking day in and day out.

A bark collar is the most humane device you can rely on to stop your dog’s excessive barking. A bark control collar is an effective way to stop annoying, barking dogs safely, humanely and quickly. Correcting your dogs excessive barking is something you want to care of immediately, the longer the barking goes on the harder it is to correct it.

The bark collar is a great dog training collar for an owner who doesn’t have a lot of time to train their pet and they work great and very quickly. A lot of people think a bark control collar is unsafe or mistreating your dog. A bark control collar uses sound to modify the barking patterns and are quite safe to use.

When it comes to choosing a training collar, there several types of the bark collar to help you train your pet’s excessive barking habits. Be sure to choose one to fit your dog and his needs. Depending how small, large or stubborn he may be there is a dog collar for every type of dog and situation.

Most bark collars will give your dog a harmless static correction when he barks. The bark control collar will automatically adjust the level of correction needed depending on his barking. Some of them have a lot of levels of correction some with a few. Be sure to shop for what type dog training collar your pet needs for his correction. This type of bark collar is very effective, many dogs stop barking in a matter of just a few days. Then you have no more barking and no more collar. I have personally used this type of collar and had immediate results; I would highly recommend this to any dog owner who wants to stop their dog from over barking. You will be happy and your neighbors will be overjoyed.

Another type of bark control collar that works great if you don’t want to use ultra static correction is the spray bark collar by PetSafe. When your dog barks a burst of all natural citrus spray is emitted, which dogs find bothersome to their highly developed sense of smell. While this spray collar is not harmful, it is a sufficient deterrent to excessive barking.

The citronella spray bark collar is also a great dog training collar. The citronella dog collar also targets your dog’s senses for immediate results. Each time your dog barks, the microphone will detect the barking and the collar releases a harmless citronella spray. It also is safe, effective and painless. It needs no human intervention to work and has no secondary negative effects. In fact this collar has a calming effect on your dog.

With the spray type collars your dog will quickly stop barking, he becomes conditioned to expect the spray and will instinctively refrain from excessive barking to avoid another spray.

A bark collar whether it be a harmless static correction or spray they are very effective solutions to your dogs barking problem. They work very quickly and I highly recommend them.


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