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Bark collar for Mini Dachshund?

I am asking this again because I got ZERO constructive responses last time.

My 1 year old Mini Dachshund is a terrible barker when she is outside. I bought a bark collar, but because of the protruding chest of Dachshunds it didn’t fit properly to produce the shock necessary to correct the action so I returned it.
The one I used was this one…

Does anyone have suggestions about a better fitting one? I think the problem was mostly in the way the collar was one solid piece of plastic/rubber and didn’t fit snug around her neck.

I am okay with using the electric bark collars. It will only take a few times for her to learn. If I frequently exhibited a negative behavior and the only way to stop it was putting a bark collar around my neck then yes, I would do it. However, if the citrus ones work better for Mini D’s, then I would be happy to try one. Also, she is out unsupervised but is chained short enough so she cant leave the yard and she can’t slip her collar. She is also only out for 5-10 minutes at a time. If she is barking incessantly I do bring her in.

Don’t tell me how awful I am for using a bark collar, I really don’t care what PETA thinks in that category.

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  • Aw,C’MON!
    ALL collars need to AROUND THE NECK,not dangling down to ground!
    You needed to TIGHTEN it properly-SNUG & HIGH-so it could work!
    Petsafe makes a good ,widely available & relatively cheap model.
    NONE of stupid COWARD’S "spray" things will do squat!

  • buy the bark spray collar I bought one off ebay $40.00 it worked great, our dog figured it out real fast
    a lot quieter around the house, harmless to them but they don’t like smelling like lemon pledge that’s what it smells like.

  • I have 5 dachshunds. Sorry to inform you of the fact that dachshunds were bred to go underground after badgers. The dogs needed to be heard by the hunter. They were bred to bark. The best thing you can do is not use a bark collar, but to use positive reinforcement. Teaching the dog to bark on command is a snap. Then teach the dog to be quiet and only give your dog a treat after she stops barking for a few seconds. Keep it up and eventually you’ll be able to tell her to be quiet and she’ll stop on command.

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