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Bark Collars for Dogs

Bark Collars for Dogs

Dogs around the world are known for one thing in particular: barking. Dogs simply love to bark, and their barking can often annoy people nearby. Your dog’s barking may actually a serious issue to your friends and neighbors, and you may want to consider purchasing bark collars for your dogs to keep them from barking.

Bark collars for dogs are designed to keep your dog from barking, and many people feel safer when they see bark collars on dogs. There are two types of bark collars for dogs:


Citronella bark collars for dogs use a spray of citronella to hush the dog, as dogs hate the smell of citronella and the feeling of moisture on their nose. The dog also hates the hissing sound produced by the citronella spray, and will usually stop barking right away. While some dogs may take a while to understand the purpose of the bark collars, most dogs will learn right away that the smell and feel of citronella means that they need to stop barking.

Using a citronella bark collar for your dog is a good way to help the dog learn not to bark in a humane way, as citronella bark collars for dogs don’t harm the dog at all. The way it works to teach your dog is by annoying it every time it barks, and dogs will quickly learn that the way to make the annoyances stop is by ceasing his barking.

Shock bark collars for dogs are a good deal more aggressive, and many people regard shock bark collars as inhumane. Shock bark collars use an electric shock to get the dog to stop barking, and while the electric shock is slight, many consider that this treatment of animals tends to be abusive. It does inflict a pain, however slight, on your dog, and many people feel that inflicting pain on animals makes the electric shock bark collars a bad choice for training your dog properly. Some collars simply apply a single electric shock per bark, while others increase the strength of the electric shock according to how long the dog continues to bark.


Both types of bark collars are effective in getting your dog to stop barking, but the citronella bark collar is actually a good deal more effective than the shock collar. It doesn’t hurt your dog, meaning that the dog learns faster and is not angered by the dog collar. Using a citronella bark collar can ensure that your dog is trained effectively in a way that is humane.

Purchasing a bark collars for dogs can help him progress in his training, as there are many other areas in which your dog will need training. By helping him learn on his own that barking is wrong, you will help him begin the learning process through which he can understand the things that you are trying to teach him. offers high quality, affordable bark collars for dogs for your dog that are perfect for you, your friends, and loved ones.

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