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Beagle owners only please! How long did it take to potty train and what was your method?

Question by Aurora : Beagle owners only please! How long did it take to potty train and what was your method? My puppy is 11 weeks we have been working with her since she was 6 weeks. Some days she seems to get it, other days she has no idea. We use the “Crate training” method, the out often, she is on a schedule for eating, and we say no when it starts to go, then take him to the end and rents his lot with candy and our happy voice. haha. But this week, it seems she has no idea of โ€‹โ€‹what is expected of her. I heard Beagles may take some time to potty train. How long did it take and what method did you use? Best answer: Answer

by Mom of 2 My beagle does
s’ is not potty trained. He was 6 months old still peeing on my bed. LOL He became a full-time outside dog. Good luck.

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  • Well any dog โ€‹โ€‹is difficult to form at this age. So just stay calm. I’d say my Beagle was almost 1 and 1/2 years until it completely stopped going in the house. I did not do so until he was already 10 months old, so I do not pray that his training was very good. But this sounds like your right to do everything. Just remember beagles are really a breed of their own! Make sure you keep it in the crate when you are away from home and be sure to attach it to the outside! These noses have a mind of their own!

  • I had a lighter for 17 years. She was a little stubborn about burglaries, but she finally understood and even reached the point where she was scratching at the door for sortir.Vous do the right things. When you say “crate training method.” You do not mean that you have put in the crate when she goes home, you do it? Simply because a fund should be used for a dog as a haven of tranquility. A place where they are ready to go and be happy. If you use it for the pain, the dog will not want to go in the fund and may even have more than their “bad” behavior just the fear of being put in “prison”. ๐Ÿ™‚ When it starts to go in the house, pick her immediately, at the same time say “NO!” Then take the outside, at the very spot where she went before. It’s a good idea to have a leash by the door so you can grab it as you take him. Then, when you go out, put the leash on her and stay there with her. She can sniff around a bit, but it will be sniffing its previous pot “and are probably a little more. When she does, praise him and then back right into the house. It will eventually understand that time is outside where she goes potty. It will take time and patience and you want to be sure someone is always in whatever room she is in when it starts to “go” in the house, the person is there to catch it immediately and get away with it. Good luck and congratulations on board New Beagle!

  • RELAX! Dogs usually take six months or more at ——— potty train. You are there for one heck of a lot longer than a few weeks. (Not meant as hard, just say it is.) If you do not crate train, it would be 10 times worse, if you do well! My beagle had some medical problems, but was formed about eight months.

  • I can not help how long it usually takes because I cheated. He trained for me in about 2-3 weeks. I have a dog door in the back door and my 5 year older Chi / Rat Terrier he trained how to use it. What you do is good. Keep it will work. That’s how I trained the Chi Terrier / Rat when he was a puppy and also a couple of months to get him fully trained and only after that I am the dog door.

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