Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

Best Dog Training Video

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  • @ DOHCnonVTEC totally agree, I have trained many dogs for both obedience and attack work and have never needed an e collar

  • @ DOHCnonVTECOmdat is clear that an untrained dog. Really sloppy work, dog has terrible attention and just looks miserable, while he works.

  • nice video

  • fuk what are you on. e collars if used properly, are one of the best tools in the k9 world just ignorant

  • e collars are for people who cant train dogs

  • @ K39564 Very objective are ya?

  • I had thumbs down as a result of the e collar

  • lol that was … large, D

  • what is the name of the song?

  • Thanks? many man

  • How do I teach my dog ​​to do this?

  • Do it with a purebred Akita and English Bulldog.

  • would have preferred it without the music and your voice, the commander etc

  • You really have a well trained dogs .. Very nice effort.

  • You are doing a great job with the Sit Means Sit techniques. In my experience, people got really scared about remote collar training, but I have found that the impersonal nature and consistency of the stimulus is a great combination for facilitating the training creates, when properly used. I have a malinois / pit mix too, and the external training really gave us the leverage to ensure that it remains consistent and attentive. Awesome job! Keep it up!

  • asome I love this work, congratulations

  • ball drive at its best

  • Great ……….

  • bonito video

  • Dude, that is a targeted dog! how the hell to get him to ignore the other dogs?! my dog ​​is 5 months old, and listens well, knows basic commands, but is easily distracted.

  • Dogs were ADHD Attention Dad Happy Dog

  • WOW what kind of toys was used fred?

  • Are you using an e-collar?

  • @ 0176paohongerig for balls x]

  • INCREDIBLE sight to see! The dog remains 110% focused on the Trainer, tail wagging all the time!

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