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best options for a first time handler?

Question by : best options for a first time handler?

My boyfriends father has gotten to old to look after his farm, he is wanting to leave the farm to us. We have decided to take the offer. . He left us 400 acres. 200 head of sheep, and the home. He is taking his dogs with him, as we have given him my home in town for the time being. I have my 4 dogs:
5 year old male intact acd
2 year old male intact border collie
8 month old intact male border collie
13 year old staffy/lab mix spayed female

All of my dogs a teach to only respond to me, so my boyfriend doesn’t have a dog he can work around the farm. We are looking at purchasing him a pup/dog for himself to work and train. My boyfriend lived with his mom in the city, they just had a 3 year old lab mix who he played around with in training and such, but living in a family situation with kids and nothing serious, he never got to really “train” the dog. Me and him are looking for a bit of advice on what would be best for him? Breed? (border collie? kelpie? or ACD?). The pup/dog would be purchased from a working line, not show line. Age? Should he start out with a pup, or start out with an older pup/dog? My first dog was my ACD. I got him at 6 months of age from someone who didn’t know how to work him, i was thrown right in with a very dominate pup, and who had learned bad manners. As well as being in apprenticeship for 4 yrs. Male or female? Any other tips?

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Answer by Emme
I would get him a border collie they are simply the best! If you need to start working with sheep with this dog right away then I would get and adult but if you don’t need the dog for moving the sheep right now then I would get him a pup. As far as male of female goes I find it is just personal preference but from the Borders that I have owned the males seemed to have a greater herding drive then the females. If you are unsure about anything I would get a trainer and start with only a few very well behaved sheep.

As far as where to get one if you do go with a Border Collie there was a puppy mill just seized that had over 180 border collies on it all with amazing working drive and smarts. I personally have two male puppies from one of the two litters born outside the mill and they have the strongest working drive. They started with good Irish dogs so they are small but have a heck of an eye and the littler one is only 14 pounds at almost 6 months but doesn’t take crap from anyone even my 60 pound boxer that thinks he is a 4 pound Yorkie! He herds the other dogs all day with no herding training but he does a good job. He knows when to lie down and to circle them and everything. But if you do get a breeders dog then definitively no show dogs I would say, their coats are to long to be a farm dog and they don’t have the same drive.

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