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Boxer Experiences Electric Fence

I had to install an electric fence to try and stop my boxer jumping the fence. His first encounter was captured on video. It’s funny to see this. Hopefully he will learn that jumping the fence is just not worth it! Video Rating: 3/5

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  • Moron. You abused ur dog and then placed on utube and let everyone laugh idiot hope you learned ur lesson!

  • that dog, like my boxer, is a jerk who will try to find a way to get what he wants .. I hope this dog learned his lesson!

  • Actually, dogs have rights. It is not just a pet, it is a mammal, like us. It’s like saying that we are animals, that is true, we are. Even dogs can do fine on their own, dogs are hunters, but people get to use them to use. Thus we use them to get food, etc. So, no, they are not here for fun, they can do well in their own, we are the ones who use them to us, just as if they ‘re hungry they with us. Also there are people who care. Ignorant fagot.

  • Super dog

  • do not abuse and im curios about how much is pumped through that thing. Obviously not dangerous, but I think the owner must touch to know what the dog feels like getting geschokt.Ik am shocked by an electric fence before, it was 7000 volts. Stung like a motherfucker

  • I used a type of food over the fence that was connected to the electric dog eating things that would be thrown by a burglar to avoid throwing .. A kind of poisonous things ..

  • he must earn xDHij jumps the fence to come he fails and is shocked lol

  • Haha xD

  • said the dog fuck it

  • If you do not your dog locked in a run would not try to escape. Dick!

  • Invites all

  • Oh my dayum! Have you ever tried to get that dog in the NBA?

  • dog abuser

  • How about adding this fence tops with the part that hangs on the inside as on baseball fields?

  • ahahahaaaa fuck animal lovers gone overboard ehh

  • baahahahaha seems that you need to increase the volume

  • Internet, ^ ^ ^

  • * Common

  • Thanks, I knew you’d understand with some commen sense

  • I’m right, you’re wrong.

  • ur a bonehead

  • Boxer’s can tenatious. I know that a boxer puppy about 8 mo. old who fought with an extension cord. It was household current and the poor pup deceased 4 days later. Every time it shocked him made him madder. The vet said it destroyed hartspier.Uw dog may not obey these elec. fence. If a boxer can make him more determined to defeat it.

  • funny funny funny

  • It is because they feel that more privlaged to own with all the money she got a bit I wounder if the dog can also jump wooden fence, but he does what is in it’s best interest. These people commented bad to him the fuck should grow up and get a life. My province has the same problem with dickwads telling how you walk home, but I have news for them. Come on my property and steal my dog ​​or tell me how to live and I’ll butt down.Give shoot the dog and man what space you obsesive jerks

  • Dude, he teaches his dog not to jump the fence. It’s worth a few shocks the dog’s life can definitely save by preventing him from jumping the fence, may walk in front of an oncoming car and hit ..

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