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Buying a Dog Bark Collar is a Lot Less Painful Than a Visit From the Police

P. Hamilton asked:

A lot can depend upon the reason for the dog barking. Do you have to leave for work each day and leave him, if so it is probably separation anxiety that is causing him to bark off and on, possibly for hours after you leave. This is a very good case for using a bark collar. At least you would know that when you weren’t there the dog was making a nuisance of himself and annoying your neighbors because the barking would cease obviously when you returned.

Is the barking because of delivery people, for instance the mailman. Most dogs will bark at a mailman and they will have it firmly fixed in their heads that he leaves because they have barked – they are responsible for getting rid of him! So – the next time the mailman arrives they will bark again, to send the man away again.

Whatever the reason, gratuitous barking is a big problem and a considerable nuisance and annoyance to everyone, even the owner. Except of course if the barking is because the dog is suffering pain, this will induce barking and this is definitely not a situation where you would use a no bark collar, you need to find out why the dog is in pain.

One type of bark collar is a sonic collar which is suitable for any size of dog from very small to quite large. Some can actually be attached to the dog’s normal collar.

There are even collars which are a combination of sonic sound and vibration, the collar has a little inbuilt computer which analyzes input. This eradicates the collar being set off accidentally by other sounds or vibrations from other dogs jostling the one who is being trained. This is the most advanced bark control collar ever made.

Perhaps you prefer to go for an anti-bark collar which you consider to be more humane, i.e. a Citronella spray collar. This collar has a container of lemon scented liquid which, when the collar detects the dog is barking, sends a spray of the Citronella in front of the dog’s nose. As dog’s are not fond of this scent he will soon learn to stop barking, he will have associated this smell he doesn’t like with his barking and stop.

How do you get a collar to differentiate between nuisance barking and protection barking? I think the answer to this is that it cannot, if the dog barks incessantly for no apparent reason, this would be construed as nuisance barking. If he barks when he hears a noise of some sort, this is protective barking. So, presumably you would only use a collar if your dog fell into the first category, that of barking virtually non-stop for no good reason. Don’t fall out with your neighbors because of your dog, train your dog and keep on good terms with those around you.


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