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Can I “train” my dog ​​does not get carsick?

Question from Jessica S ? Can I “train” my dog ​​does not get carsick I have an 8 year old chihuahua who always gets sick on road trips. We like to take their places, but I hate seeing her does not feel good in the car for this purpose, she misses the good times. Is it possible to help avoid getting sick? We tried holding it on her knees, putting it in a small box, letting his gaze out the window and not let her look out the window. None of these techniques have worked so far … Do you think we should take it for short distances, gradually longer trips from the road …. or would this even matter? Are there drugs that we could give him to help him feel better without him asleep great (I still want him to have some spunk when we take the lake .. .)? Maybe she’ll just always be that way, but I was hoping someone out there has a magic answer for me! Best answer: Response

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  • I do not think so. Do not feed him before you go, it can lead to stomach aches. This is the only thing I have for you.

  • Try not to feed her * anything * (allowing only their drinking water) for at least a few hours before boarding the car. Bring snacks * very light to your destination so that it can be a treat, but not enough to upset his stomach on the way home.

  • its quite normal for dogs to get carsick because they get carsick easily. it’s not his fault. try opent the window and let fresh air in because my mother said taht you must open the window at leats a little for the dogs do not get carsick.

  • Yes.

  • Some dogs get car sick just because they are worried about the tower .. this has nothing to do with motion.Si you think his illness movement .. limit the meal until the drive is complete. You can talk to your vet about medication to help too. It may suggest dremamine, do not give it to your dog until Tho you talk to your veterinarian premier.Si it can be nervous, try a rescue remedy, or product DAP (dog appeasing pheromone ). Put some type of element of comfort in the car .. a favorite toy or blanket. Start with short trips to “fun” places .. visiting a favorite friend, or get treats. Again, to limit the meal before the drive so there is less on the ventre.Il wouldnt hurt to try the remedy or relief DAP if the sickness is.

  • I work on his training at the car. Take for * very * short trips (like down the aisle and let her out.) Then make a little more time. There are several products on the market that could help. Calm Down There, Rescue Remedy, DAP, to name a few. There are also supplements that are supposed to help settle the nerves in général.Bonne luck with it!

  • Talk to your vet and your dog checked and labrynthitis or different or similar problem and that is the cause.

  • There is not a way to train him – some dogs sickness. I had a couple that are very well until you get on a winding road and they’ll be drooling in minutes. The short distances allowed the mine. Get to relax in the vehicle that will help more tout.Il are drugs but I would not recommend pas.Qu that is what I do with my sheltie is to be with him in the car. We’ll go to town and he’ll have goodies …. a little bite of chicken or something I’m having. He learns to relax and the vehicle has good things … and less anxious, it is the less he has marre.Ne pampered him so …. the “ooh poor baby” kind of thing can feed anxiety as she draw attention to be worried. Do not constantly reassure her. Is there a toy that she loves, she loves or a treat. Jump in the car and just relax for 15 minutes or so without going anywhere, short trajets.Si then she gets sick on winding roads (like two of mine) try to help in avoiding this kind of roads, if possible.Mon sheltie in a year has gone on to throw a 20 mile trip in a couple trips and local IT …. here the more anxious he gets the more he drools but if * I * do not feed into it don ‘t. I’m very important indeed something to eat, and he began looking for a bite. When he arrived in a van was to be something different then!

  • some ginger biscuits before the trip … Ginger is a natural plant anti nausea

  • I have a coonhound and it will not get over car sickness. Even a trip down the block will make him sick! We used tranquilizers the veterinarian prescribed, but it is still “drunk” for the day that we give them to him! We have now started to use Dramamine. This is a big dog and we did not know how to give, so we started with one pill. We ended up giving him a pill and a half and he did not carsick on a journey of three hours together! He was always ready to play when we arrived at our journey! If you have a small dog, I recommend starting with half a pill and see if it works ….. after a while you might have to give him / her another half! Hope this helps! Postscript is dramamine as $ 5.00 while tranqualizers were like 15.00 for 10 tablets

  • u can train your dog not to its fair that he / she dosent feel put in the car. you can get an old blanket when your dog comes and let him get sick about it.

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