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Can someone please explain the “castration as training” method to me?

Question by Stalkers are cowards & thieves: Can someone please explain the “castration as training” method to me?

It seems to be advocated here hundreds of times a day & yet….makes absolutely no sense at all.
Does everyone else’s dog have brains in their scrotum? Mine don’t.

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Answer by Basset on the ‘Net
Don’t be silly. Castration automatically cures any and all behavior problems, makes your dog smarter, and guarantees he’ll never get sick.

Just threaten your hubby with castration and watch his behavior improve…..

EDIT: AA, I used to do that with a young Shar Pei I was showing that didn’t want to stand still when I stacked him. I called it the “cojone clutch”. Smartened him up fast!

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  • When you neutuer a dog it lowers the amount of hormones flowing through his body. Just like in humans, when the hormones rage people get loud and crazy. But think of this, there are always strong hormones running through dogs, so in neutuering if you reduce the hormones you calm the dog. Along those lines, they seem to be less aggressive and less protective. Their chances of illness do go down and they live a longer life a majority of the time!

  • It is an undercover method of ensuring that idiots don’t breed…at least in one small way. Now if we could ensure they wouldn’t breed in the *other* sense as well….

  • Jennifer…SHHHH!! You’re exposing the Grand Plan!!

  • As someone who trains dogs – I’ve found very little correlation between behavior and whether or not a dog is intact… or really, in all actuality, I’ve found that dogs who are neutered whose owners come to me are usually the most absmally trained animals.

    If hormones are the excuse for misbehavior – why is that the best trained dogs in the world are intact?

    Edit: Does anyone else use testicles as a nice handle when grooming a squirmy dog? I’ve found I get great cooperation in standing still while grooming out the rear if I’ve got ahold of them – darned hard to do on a neutered dog! — and I get to reward the dog for being good..

  • So much easier for a person to *solve* a training or behavioural issue by pulling out their wallet, than take the more radical step of actually addressing the issue.

    I suppose that would take an atom of common sense to grasp the fact that only training alters behaviour!!!

    Love the grooming tip Animal Artwork, very hands on 😉

  • That idea was first seen when the spay and neuter police decided that it was easier to tell people to “fix” their animals then train them…and it worked!!!
    Just look at how many people in here advocate fixing a dog to cure certain behaviors and training issues.
    The only thing I have noticed with a neutered or spayed dog was loss of drive which in my case made things worse instead of better.
    Most humans are lazy and do not want to put in the time required to properly train a dog and as a result they look for easy ways out, well, they found one in castration..
    Hope I helped!

  • An in-tact male dog is going to be naturally more aggressive, stubborn and tenacious due to the testosterone produced in the testicles.

    It isn’t a training method but it does prevent several health problems and unwanted behaviors.

    My dog’s brain was being interrupted by his testicles – he got smarter when he was neutered.

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