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Can you help with a difference of opinion between my daughter and myself regarding dogs needing to go out.?

Question by ஐAldaஐ: Can you help with a difference of opinion between my daughter and myself regarding dogs needing to go out.?

My daughter (26) and I have had animals for a long time. (we both work long days). I believe that if I am at home the indoor dogs get to go out a couple extra times (mine have open water bowls). She believes that since hers are “trained” to tinkle less that even when she is home they only go out the standard 3 times (her dogs only get water in am and pm in a certain amount-she has one that will over drink and throw up, has since it was a puppy). These are all medium to large dogs. We do not live in the same house, so it is not a matter of which is going to be the “rule.” I am not asking you to take sides, just what is your way of taking your dogs out? We are both in the country so it is not a matter of them being apartment animals that need to go to the park. I could understand that. Just curious as to what you do…your approach may even be different that either of ours for any animal that needs to be taken out to potty. Thanks in advance for the answers. Alda

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Answer by Juleette
depends on the pet.

I work in the pet industry, and my dog is 7lbs shes fine home alone 8 hours or so she goes out twice mornings and evenings about an hour each time and mroe on the weekends just so she can be a dog

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  • I have a little Shitzu. There is someone home at all times even though I work. (I have an adult son at home) so Ziggy goes out every 45 min, and each and everytime he pee’s. Animals need to go out, pee, run around and get some exercise. That is my opinion. He goes at even at night every 45 min up until the final time I let him out before I go to bed. He then sleeps with me and gets let out again first thing in the morning. 🙂

  • I think any vet will tell you that fresh water should be constantly available to any house pets so they can drink if they need to. However I understand why your daughter does what she does if she has a problem with one of her dogs making itself sick. Personally I would do what you do.

  • when my dogs have 2 go out they come up to me and start barking …they go out 4-5 times a day and hardly ever go in the house so try finding some1 who can train ur dogs to do that

  • For my dog, I let her out minimum three times per day, though she is housebroken and well trained. Unfortunately she doesn’t ask for the door, but I do notice she gets a little hyper if she needs to go out. Generally three times a day is enough for her at least. A younger dog would have to go much more often. Male dogs may have to go more often as well, since they often scent mark with urine so they don’t let it all out at once. If your dogs don’t ask for the door, or don’t sniff around looking for a place to go, they are most likely capable of holding it. Of course, letting them out more frequently can’t hurt, but isn’t absolutely necessary.

  • It’s important to remember that dogs don’t just go out to ‘go potty’, they also need to get plenty of exercise. Also, as the dogs grow older it is highly likely (especially since they are medium to large breed dogs) that they will develop incontinence. Regardless of how well-training a dog is this is something they have no control over. I would think that a couple of extra outings now may help keep the dogs from straining bladder muscles and perhaps delay incontinence.

  • my dogs are trained to use the toilet .

  • Depends on you lifestyle, I have a dog and I live in a condo, he will go out first thing in the morning, then have water, go back out before we leave for work, and the in his crate for 8-9 hours (don’t get me wrong, he enjoys his little space and even goes without me asking) when we come back, it’s satraight outside to potty, when he comes in he eats and drink, and has an open water bowl until about 9 p.m. in the mean time goes poop at around 7 and goes out before bedtime. goes out 5 times a day about. Nobody is really wrong, as long as the dog has a schedule to get used to and that you will respect. If you never do the same every day, well don’t expect him to stay dry the whole day if all of a sudden you give him water right before you leave for work. It’s just ike childrens, they go with your schedule more than you go with theirs. Only when they are babies, they need training.

  • I would think the breed and size of the dog would have a lot to do with the number of times he/she goes outside. Larger dogs whose instincts and needs may be to move about more, run, ‘herd’ etc. SHOULD be able to go out as much as humanly possible. They need the exercise and enjoy it tremendously.

    Small smaller breeds do also – particularly dogs of the terrier and spaniel family.

    As far as water – Dogs, as a rule, should ALWAYS have access to water…’watering’ does not follow the same regimen/schedule as feeding. For your daughter’s problem drinker she might try a ‘measured’ water dish

  • When you are home it is a much more exciting day for your dogs. Good idea to take them out more! They are more awake,and need more brushing,treats,walks,car rides,etc.
    When your daughter is home, her dogs too are more alert and desperate for a bit more sensitivity towards their emotional awake up and go out more state. Schedules are great, but needs change with the days,and preventing bladder illness is an ongoing concern. I’m really worried about any dog that has no access to 24/7 water,though.
    I understand there is a behavioral issue. She can try ice cubes for a cheap slow delivery of water,like you do when traveling or air freight. Mine love them as treats!

  • I’m sorry this was kinda hard to follow. Pretty much my dog eats, sleeps, and pees outside so I dont worry about those kinds of things.

  • My dog is able to hold it for up to 18 hours. I know this is not verry healthy for him so he goes out on a normal scheduel that is once in the morning,when I come home from work,after he eats and one more time before bed. He dosent need to go out all of these times but he is a dog and should be able to go outside as much as possible to smell the air,chew a stick and do other dog like things. My dog always has water avalable to him but will not over drink because he never knows if it will be a long day of not

  • Dogs or any animals need a constant supply of fresh water everday all day. How would she like it if she was only given something to drink twice a day in a limited amount, she wouldn’t. We have 3 dogs -sm., med., and lg. and they share a water bowl with 14 cats. We use a gallon bowl and refill it at least 4 times a day. Slightly less if the 2 bigger dogs are outside for the day. Since the small dog is inside kept, he is walked between 5-6 times a day starting at 3am then about 6am, 12pm, 3pm, and10pm or more if needed. When my other 2 are in due to poor weather, they too are walked this often. They may not always go, but at least their given the chance to go if needed. Then you have my med. one that will decide an hour after he’s been walked he needs to poop, so he gets walked again. My oldest daughter and I are the main walkers and take turns on the hours depending on if she’s home or in school. Think about how often you/she may use the bathroom in a single day and it will very from day to day.

    The dog that she has with the problem of throwing up after drinking to much water should have seen a vet for this, if they hadn’t. This is not normal. Nor is it to ration a dogs amount of fluids. The dog wouldn’t be gulping the water down if it was supplied with a constant access of water. It seems she may also do this so she won’t have to take her dogs out as often, in a sense – lazy. They need the constant water because depending on the how they feel, the weather and the temp. inside change and so does their water intake need change. The only thing she’s doing is opening up the chance for her dogs to get kidney problems down the road. Also some people may see this as being cruelty to animals. Does her vet know how she treats her dogs on regards to how much water they get in any given day, I’m sure he doesn’t, because he’d never could agree as to this being good for them. The only thing I even remotely ration is their food, but even then there are times where they eat more than the normal amount or less in some cases. Like last night my big dog finished her food and tried to eat the med. dog’s food, I went and gave her another 1/2 a scoop (1 cup) more and she was fine after that. She was just extra hungry last night.

    I wanted to get the opinion of a child on this situation you have written your question for.
    I posed this question on the rationing of water to my 10 yr old daughter and she said ” They’re an idiot”. She gave the same answer on walking a dog only 3 times a day.

    A person can often be judged on how well they take care of their pets as to how good of parents they can be.

  • Firstly dogs should have access to fresh water every second of the day, and secondly, yes they should be allowed outside more.

  • Here are my thoughts, simple as they may be:

    If you were a dog, and you had to go pee, would you want someone to tell you that even though you need to go, that you are restricted to three bathroom trips per day? That would really suck, don’t you think?

    Now, let’s lay aside the fact that animals only have the rights that we assign to them. Even though they are our “babies” (and we LOVE our baies!!!) what it comes down to is that animals are on this earth to serve and entertain humans and their environment….and very little else.

    Lets also put aside the fact that if we are not at home, then there is no way for a dog or cat to rationally think: “Hmm..I have to take a wizz. And I gotta go pretty bad, at that! Maybe I should go and unlock the deadbolt, go outside, close the door behind me to keep in the cool air, do my thing, cover it up, then go back inside again!”

    A dog can’t think rationally, he thinks instictively. Therefore, what the other lady says IN THEORY is true…if he’s trained to go outside three times a day, he should only HAVE to go outside three times per day…no matter who is at home.

    Still though, if you LOVE your pet…and you ARE at home…how about cutting him some slack and letting him go do his thing. If you don’t, who knows…you might end up with a pile of doody on your new white carpet!

  • our dogs were trained to go to the door when they had to go out so every time one sits at the door they are let out.

  • Your daughter has to remeber that dogs don’t only go outside to use the restroom, they also play and discover things– and thats what they love doing… If it’s nice outside, i see no other reason why the dog shouldn’t be allowed out. They love being outside and even if they are trained to hold their pee while the owner is gone they should be able to relieve themselves when the owner IS THERE. It’s not comfortable for them to hold it!!! I think that if you are there the dog should be allowed to go in and out as it chooses and should not have to hold their pee, they should be allowed to go right away and even play outside if they want! It’s healthy for them!

  • My husband’s dog stays out most of the day (we have a yard), and he comes inside at night.

  • Dogs should always have access to water. They are able to not go or “void” as it is called for a good while but your daughter is wrong…

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