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Cane Corso Puppy Training at Home

Some obedience and fun tricks with my 10 month old cane corso, Jordan. Check out our other dogs at

Maria is a very active 15 week old Boxer Puppy going through basic foundation behaviors. These are the skills she is learning in her foundation training. Repetition and reward. We are creating a positive emotional response to working Sessions are short and successful. we are teaching Maria fetch to help her burn some of her energy and buidl more owner focus.

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  • i love that stance, it’s so professional. Obviously as everyone else here I would love to learn what you did, my cane corso’s 7, and i know he has what it takes to learn. Such a capable breed.

  • I miss my cane corso’s..what a great breed. We knew who to trust, by the way our cc’s reacted .

  • did you train it to blow you

  • Another pretending to be an eco-terrorist tree lover. Dude, go away and be ignorant somewhere else.

  • That was amazing! Youre a great owner and Jordan is lovely. Look the way she watches you… The eye contact… I would love to have such a dog. Thank you so much for uploading your vids – I got to watch them all and share with my friends who also love dogs – they will be impressed for sure.

    Take care and give a nice pat to your dog from me, sitting here and watching your awesome dog in distant Poland 😉

  • very good control, good communication with her, the oinly thing i can complain about is the lighting in the video, good job

  • wow u r really good at tranning dogs im thinking of buying a cane corso

  • i am totally shocked!!!
    i have a 3 month old cane corso. i would like to get my do to obey as much as your dog obeys you. is there any advise or tips you can give me to train my dog right. also dog you corso growl when you take her food away or even touch her food? please help me out .thank you and good work!

  • Great Job!
    Picking up my Cane puppy in a couple of weeks.
    Will be looking for your posts.

  • please call me asap bc my corso is 7 mo and all we can do is sit 404-218-5178

  • Muy bello tu cane corzo saludos desde españa

  • You are one ignorant prick! Dog is as happy as it could be! This is something that everyone should try to do. There would be much more happiness for people and dogs. Omg, I just can’t believe how ignorant you are, jerkEST person!

  • Like and subscribed, of course 🙂

  • This is outstanding! Please, keep seeding videos. You are doing great job! It would be world to me if you could post videos how to do this!

  • Still waiting for the vids man

  • Great video. Great dog!!! I will have a cane in a month and I would like to train him myself. Keep uploading vids!!! Thank you.

  • was like a circus monkey. training so much. You’re cruel to the animal. See saliva. shame is not it? you are a jerk. i give dislike.

  • I have 5 months female need to know how u did all that? Need help

  • how do you get your dog to do all that?

  • Please do I would greatly appreciate it

  • Thanks DarKin. I would say that I spent about 20 minutes a day training, but she follows me everywhere I go when I’m home LOL

  • Thanks Tkid. I am going to start uploading videos showing how I trained her because I’ve had a lot of people ask the same thing.

  • @jrkaser absolutely amazing man you seem to be a great owner. About how much time would you say you spent training/spending time with her a day when u first got her as a puppy? Great video man.

  • Dude amazing I have a 5 month old cane Corso male, please show me how to train him the way you have trained yours. Please.

  • Thank You

  • have fun with your puppy!

  • Amazing! I’m hopefully getting mine today! 😀

  • i get mine in 4 weeks wooohooooooo

  • Oh Cool XD

  • She’s Wonderful . I dont think she can get any crazier lol 😛

  • How is your Boxer puppy? Is she well?

  • – we tend to use a puppies kibble when traiining inthe home, they have to have their meals anyway so use them to your advantage. When outside of the home in a more distracting environment I use whole meat (buffalo, chicken…) in small pieces… nothing with corn, wheat, soy , sugar, or salt

  • – hope your having fun with your new puppy!

  • She sure loves those treats 😛 I cant wait to get my boxer puppy .. 3 more weeks and she will be with me 😀 sooo excited!!!!!

  • What treats should I use. And what brand

  • So manny treats! So much tail wiggling!

  • Un trabajo enternecedor!!

  • Awesome Puppy! Awesome kids too. They are doing great together.

  • Wonderful. Great pup

  • I love those enthusiastic puppy tailwags. Maria is getting a good start

  • Piper is amazing with animals, she has grown up in our puppy classes and does agility with two of our dogs… Renn is young yet and loves our fish and budgies more than anything

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