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Canine Freestyle Dog Dancing Display @ Manukau Obedience Club X’mas Party / Honey the Great Dane and the rest of the ChoreDOGraphy Connection team perform their routines for one Canine Freestyle “dog dancing” display at the Manukau Obedience Club X’mas Party – NZKC Exhibition Centre, Ardmore – including a new debut: the Pairs Routine with Honey and Bodie the Border Terrier! Also in video: doggie Christmas fancy dress parade Video Rating: 5/5

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  • give a better effect

  • Awesome skills, that’s the first time I’ve ever seen a Dane jump lol!

  • very nice work 🙂

  • someone should try to teach it to a grizzly!

  • Fantastic dogs. I liked the pairs routine.

  • It seems that a lot of fun! What a great video! Lizzy & Sparky (from DWB)

  • ps: the double DD is really great! 5 *

  • nice video, the sibe limit is great and the others are really good too, but Honey is the cutest dog ever!

  • They were all very nice! Honey is definitely getting big on her Shadow routine too.

  • Awesome! 🙂

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