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Capturing Calmness aid for hyper dog dog training

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  • My dog ​​is a smart guy. He learns every job in two or three repetitions, and I totally adore him. Your videos helped me a lot, but we still have a problem. He argues with me. He knows what I want and he is in a good mood, but just PUTS! He snorts, squeaks or whines to show his disagreement. And would not the treat. (

  • Wait wait. If you train the other dogs in front of Splash using a clicker, the Splash know it’s not him?

  • @ JC82393 You raised the issue in your first sentence. You can not leave young social neing isolated in a garden all the time and do not expect such behavior. Please, keep her inside.

  • I’m going to start referring dominance-based trainers to this video who do not understand why the use of air conditioning and treats does not mean that the dog only behaves performed duty of food. Thanks for your great, easy to understand videos. I took a Dobe already through various houses and even put on Prozac, because dominance training FAILED. She is doing awesome πŸ™‚

  • I just got a new puppy, Maltese cross. We named him Oscar. I love your videos I go to the soothing first start as I do not have a clicker.

  • I do this exercise with my puppy … but I’m not sure if it is good that they belong to her back. : D

  • Splash Oh you’re so so so cute!

  • I feed my dog ​​if I ever want ps big fan

  • Fantastic video, are looking for something like this for the age for the 2 year old Schipperke! And if anyone knows chips are, they are HYPER :)) So this will be awesome πŸ™‚

  • I love your videos! <3

  • I have a 4 month old Pit / Lab mix, and I always have to leave her in the backyard. When I take her in the house she runs around the house, jumping on people and on all banks … She is energetic, and I hope this video works to soothe her in the house …

  • Great video of the whole concept. I have a Whippet / Cattle Dog / Doberman mix on high alert as much of the time. A trainer has recommended that we learn how this dog. It’s great to see it done before doing it.

  • @ Joker Francy My dog ​​is in the same way. I just use the toy as her reward, but I turn into affection as a reward because I did not want her ro obsessed with the toys. I hurd that your dog more exercise also help out just like toys, but I do not know if this is a true statement.

  • Whether a dog has no food drive, toy and is really motivated (but get very excited as a toy to see). What would be a good reward. I use chicken, hot dogs, cheese, but nope.

  • As I type this my 4 dogs lying at my feet. I want to learn this as a standard the dogs All Eyes On Me, they usually are, but my question is …. if I treat them now as they look to me, is that they think about eating? Because I know you said not to treat when they think of the food or is that just above capture calm / resolve and not lie down as a standard? Sorry, a bit confused, but still mentally as heck to learn from ya! FREE AND AT THAT!

  • Great video and this is my second time through. I have a question to be settled during the exercise. You do not get a commission to settle, one must be given? If not, how do you get the dog to settle in other circumstances (ie during a walk)? Also you are not the desired behavior or even say, “Well,” what is the reason? How do you know when to click to strengthen (make) a behavior as opposed to when not? Thank you very much, your videos are incredibly helpful for me!

  • And when he barks, I would ignore him until he stops and is then derived I give him treats?

  • My dog ​​is always following me around, so that means he sees me when I treats. If I get treats, he knows I have them and will be very excited, looking at me the whole time, waiting for me to give him the treats. After awhile he will get impatient if I do not give him treats and he will start barking at me. So I can not get him to settle, while I treats, not only when I have treats he will be relaxed. (Continued in next comment)

  • If I take it anywhere my Chihuahua, she will hold her bladder all the time, and she starts crying telling me that they should go. If we find the grass, they just pee. So we’re back in the car and to drive home, here she is very excited to pee in the backyard. How can I cure her fear of public urination?

  • But other than that, I really like this video: D

  • I do not think the part where you say “peace obviously did not come to some races.” Yes, the same breed of dogs is similar, but they are also very different. It all depends on the dog not the breed as it is quiet or not .. It’s like saying that all chihuahuas bark, while in fact, some chihuahuas bark ..

  • you could throw the treats? or he may learn that you are a predictor of food. the solution would be to stand beside him until he calms down with treats in hand. that way you walk to him would not be a predictor of food, to calm him would.

  • Well, try this video for the crazy behavior. perhaps also to exercise her more? you have a garden? play catch up with her all day. another component may not necessarily physical energy but mental energy. after work on “no raid” neat tricks to start training. if he was right, maybe you should work on more mental energy and physical energy. to bark, watch the 5 episodes of barking kikopup, and the positive interupter if you think that they are unsafe

  • This will also be helpful if I get the phone maybe? Currently Django like to chew his bed when he did not get my attention.

  • Yes, after I did some more research I discovered the same technique that you mentioned, that he remains calm and relaxed when he sees me, still thanks πŸ™‚

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