Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

CAVALIER TRAINING, teach your puppy to sit!

This is a demonstration of the proper training techniques to use with your new puppy. In this session I will show you how the basic commands “sit” to learn. This technique can also be successfully used in adults, but puppies are like little “sponges”, and working with them is crucial for proper growth and development. The neuron in their brains are multiplying in direct proportion to the new experiences and people they are exposed to. Therefore training in puppies between 2-5 months offer many benefits that you can not get at any other time, not only in their training but also neuron development. Ultimately, the more neurons, the brighter and more cozy and well-adjusted dog you will have. If the puppy is about 5 months, they have the maximum number of neurons they will for the rest of their lives, so do some soft candies, and get to work! The two of you should have fun teaching and learning new things. If you have an older dog, they too will benefit from training, but the number of neurons in the brains, can not be changed after they are over 5 months. Video Rating: 5/5 My puppy has already learned to enter and exit the water safely, a long with knowing what you find in the water. Today is just a fun game of having him negotiate a little obstacle on a straight line to the pool. These little games to learn through, and not around objects will help him in his learning to hunt tests if he is a little older. It is very hot in Las Vegas at the moment, so I always try to come up with creative ways to get him interested in training, but still able to keep him cool in the summer heat. “Kohl” is a 3 1 month old Black Labrador Retriever. For information on becoming a Sit Means Sit franchise or information related to the “Sit Means Sit Collar ‘, see Video Rating: 4/5

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  • Just a tip, do not say the command and often. Wait until she sat down before you say, it’s actually faster than, depending on the dog. my cav are taught in 2 minutes and went in about 5 minutes

  • What are you giving her. (Snacks on the video)

  • I know this is a silly question, but I’ve always been afraid of dogs and how they act, but I love these dogs because they are so sweet and affectionate. My fried has 3, I see them every week. She got the 3rd around October last year, I think 4 months old, so he is about a year old now and he is wonderful. But I do not how if you feed them using your hands, they do not accidentally bite your fingers a bit? I’m always scared by that, and it’s pathetic!

  • This information is very useful! Thank `s great!

  • Most varieties ready for more training at 8 weeks if they have had a good socialization. For the first session, they offer a variety of delicacies and determine their favorites. If they act disinterested, scared, or stressed, they behind in social development, in which case you need to work on socialization skills and try again in a week or so. It is very important not to push them if they are not ready.

  • beautiful puppy and very nice workout 🙂 tnk you for the video 🙂 you said that a number of training sessions a day, but there is a maximum sessions for a lil puppy as Sophie? I will do my first dog in a few months and I appreciate any tips. 🙂

  • We have a whole video on our website at teaching dogs to swim, to keep them in the water and pool safety.

  • and can not wait to see what he will be, and what will be record in Dock Dog! 🙂

  • I enjoy watching your puppy grow and learn.

  • Great video as always, happy Sunday!

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