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Chihuahua … Questions?

SarahBelle Question ? Chihuahua Questions … Okay, so I just got a Chihuahua a few days ago, it is about 10 weeks and she’s so fun to be around. well .. shes not full chi, miny pincher shes half too. anyway, I just had some questions … 1. I think she peed .. like many … Is this normal? 2. yes, she has this bump where her navel is supposed to be .. Is this normal, and he go? 3.and whats a nice easy way I could get her “let trained” I do not know what you call. because it is not very good on laisse.4. Okay, last question, is she old enough to have a bath yet. and if so, I really want him like water, and get used to it, what a great way to her bath at this age. I’m only 14, so I did not have much experience with dogs. thank you everyone so much: D! Best answer: Answer by

depends what you call a lot. Puppies pee about every hour as they have very small vessies.sonne as a hernia need surgery for corriger.garder leash in the house and have him follow you around. try with treats or jouets.Oui. get a puppy shampoo, rinse well and dry with a hair dryer at low / air.

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  • 1) growing babies have different amounts of urine. It is normal for her to pee seem beaucoup.2) Normal. It should have already disappeared, so at the next visit for shots, have the vet take a technology oeil.3) Put it into a necklace and let her drag the leash around. She will get used to the weight and being pulled around by elle.4) Yeah, give her a bath. Ignore the fear praise bravery, and corrupt it with food.

  • 1. Puppies pee a lot. It is normal for some bodies 🙂 = small bladders = more pipi2. Pretty sure it is in their umbilical cord. It will go away eventually, but just like in humans, it takes a while for this to produise.3. the best way to train a dog on a leash is to let them know a leash is a good thing. When they let you put the leash on them, reward them. You want them to work with you, so keep the leaves in length, they will always be there, or your heel. Once they are good to walk beside you, you can give them a little mou.4. Not sure the bathroom 🙂 Sorry! I know our pom / chi mixture bathroom in time because it stunk and the food was in its fur, but it was just in the kitchen sink with water and a washcloth.

  • 1. Yes. She is a puppy, she has little or no bladder control .. it also has a tiny bladder. Take pot souvent.2. Sounds like an umbilical hernia .. ussually it can be repaired when you get the stériliser.3. Just put it on when you leave him out of pot .. let them get used to the idea of ​​being on the leash .. you can work on teaching him to heel and so later when she has a duration of more attention .4. Yes, just use a mild shampoo PUPPY. Making the bath as pleasant as possible .. use lots of praise for the bath and reward with a treat right after.

  • Chihuahuas have very small Blätters, but potty training is very possible, even with Chihuahuas. it could be a nervous pee-er. which can not be fixed but usuallly with socialization, it may be possible to attach (and properly trained, of course). not sure of the situation im navel, ask a vet. and the train leaves, he takes very slowly. what is ur fav treat puppies. put the dog on a leash, call the dogs name softly, (yet firmly), bait with pleasure, can gently pull on the leash. after about maybe 2 or 3 minutes, leave a note on positeve, and give great rewards. be compatible. and the bath, if you must bathe. but remember that even the bathroom says thats for chihuahuas do not need to be a common occurrence because of the chills. if you bathe a Chihuahua try your best to avoid the ears. baths for chihuahuas can be just a warm washcloth and wet.

  • Pissing a lot (like every hour) is quite normal for a puppy of his age. She has no control over his bladder or bowels right now, so she will go potty more than you ever imagined a dog could jamais.Cela could be a bump of two things: an umbilical hernia, or just a bump umbilical that will disappear. Be sure to mention this (and pee) to the vet when you take in the (soon to be, right?) Easiest Way to get her used to the leash – leave it on when you’re inside. Just attach it to you. This will also make super easy toilet training because you will be permanently its control (which is what you should do during potty training). For a bath, I fill the kitchen sink with about an inch or so of water, then wash gently with a wash cloth. I’d check with the vet to see what kind of shampoo to use.

  • 1. some pee when he is excité.2. could be anything … ask vet to be sûr.3. forget a leash. go with a harness. and yes … start early. we have a chihuahua. He is ten now. but we never went with the collar and leash. we went with a harness. he has more control and is better for him and u.4. us our little boy a bath once a week. never inside the ears wet. it will grow bacteria. if the weather is nice. Yeah, I do not see why a bath would mal.quelques advice users get a toothbrush and paste from the vet. start brushing early. (Believe me … we have always. And even though he is 10 … he has perfect teeth). Also make sure u get to use him to a certain food. will not change all the time. eukabana our little boy (spell checker) cookies. he has since he was a u sleep with him .. be prepared to sleep with him for life. seriously. my girlfriend and I said .. no, he did not want to sleep in bed with us … we made a night … and yes it’s still there. (I would not change it … if i love him there). If you want it to be kind to others … meaning people and dogs … submit now. Most Chihuahuas are loyal to one person. we are lucky … my boys love my girlfriend and myself. it is easy for others. but it is not a fan of the other dog. he accepted my mother bien.assurez sure u give him fresh water every day. a place to sleep. Blankey and present his own toys. make it special for lui.j have read that it’s a girl … so yeah .. good luck to him and to his change lol.

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