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Choosing the Right Anti Bark Dog Collar

Jennifer A Johnson asked:

Excessive barking of your dog can disrupt your sleep and your neighbors. You must understand that barking is a natural thing for dogs. They do this when they feel threatened, or they feel that their owners are threatened, or they feel excitement. However, there are cases when our dogs tend to bark incessantly. Even you already try to calm them down they still continue barking.

There are ways to reduce the excessive barking of your dog. Proper training for your dog and devices such as an anti bark dog collar or dog collar can help you control your dog’s unnecessary barking. Training your dog can be a difficult task especially when you have no idea how to do it properly. If you resolve to use an anti bark collar, make sure that you choose the right dog bark collar. There are different types of anti bark collar that is available in the market that you can use for your dog. There are dog collars that deliver a light shock to your dog as a reaction to barking. There is also type of dog collar that sprays mist of citronella. Dogs **** the smell and they soon realize it is related to their barking. This type of collar is said to be more humane because it does not inflict pain to the dog.

In choosing an anti bark dog collar, make sure that you pick the appropriate type of collar for your dog. Dog collar should depend on the type and the size of your dog and their barking habit. Small dog should have a small, thin, delicate collar. Large dog should have a thicker, stronger collar that is big. The collar should fit comfortable to your dog. A tight collar may constrain the air passage of the dog and may cause choking.

There are pet stores that allow you to bring your dog into the shop to try on collars. They will help you pick the appropriate dog collar. If order through online store it is best to check on their return policy so you can return the collar after a day of trying it on your dog.


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