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Citronella Anti Bark Collars – When to Use One and When to Not

Beth K. Harrod asked:

A citronella anti bark collar is probably one of the most effective, easiest, and kindest ways to stop your dog from barking. Not only does a citronella anti bark collar work better than a shock collar or a sound collar but its also much more friendly to the dog. A Citronella anti bark collar works by spraying a fine mist of sent towards your dogs nose when he/she barks. Dogs just simply don’t care for the experience one bit. The hissing noise that the sprayer makes startles them and they also dislike the smell of the citronella.

For most dogs, it only takes a few sprays to figure out why they are getting sprayed and associate this with the barking with the collar. Once the pet makes this connection, they should stop barking to avoid the unpleasant experience. Many studies have proven that citronella anti bark collars are at least two times more effective than a shock collar and the sound collars only work on a very small percentage of dogs. Although no one can guarantee that something will work for all dogs it can be said that the citronella anti bark collar will work for most of them and many times in situations where other control methods have failed.

Of course there are a few situations that a citronella anti bark collar really shouldn’t be used. If your dog is barking out of real true fear or your pet suffers from separation anxiety then a bark control collar may not be the most effective option. If you think your dogs is barking due to anxiety then you should talk to your veterinarian before you purchase any behavior modification system.

If your pet has vision or other health issues its best to talk to your veterinarian because there could be a reason for the barking that might be better controlled in another way. In fact, in old dogs it might make the issue worse because they are confused about what’s going on around them and the spray only intensifies that fear.

All in all it is a good idea to talk to your veterinarian before you start using any anti barking system to assure that the barking is not caused by any legitimate medical reason. The citronella anti bark collar is widely used and suggested by professionals when there is not a medical reason for the dog’s excessive vocalization and is considered safe and effective at curing this bad habit.


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