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Citronella Bark Collar Test Results

Al Bullington asked:

Citronella bar collar results surprised my whole family. Spray collars are widely used as a more humane, less violent alternative to electronic collars that shock. When our young dog began barking almost non-stop we tried a spray collar to help train her to moderate the noise.

Here’s the story.

Our young dog is a field type English Cocker Spaniel. By nature these dogs are high energy and also often quite vocal. A little of that is OK, but there’s a point when the noise becomes a real aggravation.

We purchased a MultiVet Anti-Bark Spray Collar from an on-line store. The collar is relatively inexpensive and we got it quickly. As recommended, we put the collar on and left it turned off for a couple of days. That’s to let the dog become accustomed to the collar and probably to make it less likely that the collar isn’t directly associated with what’s about to happen.

What’s about to happen is barks get rewarded with a puff of citronella mist. Picture a fine mist cloud of citronella oil about a foot in diameter centered right on the dog’s head. It isn’t anything harmful. Just a bit of a surprise, I’m sure. Plus, that sweet, sickly smelling citronella aroma probably assaults a dog’s sensitive sense of smell. Especially that would probably be true for a hunting dog with a keen nose like our Spaniel.

Anyway, once the collar was turned on, the first bark resulted in a cloud of mist. Then the second quick bark produced another cloud and then that was about it. Quiet reigned after two squirts.

Now after months, the collar is only used part-time and even then it’s not always turned on. It keeps her guessing, but for the most part, she now barks when it makes sense and is quiet when that’s the thing to do.

If senseless barking starts, the citronella bark collar goes on and it’s armed. The excessive barking stops post haste.

Results of using this citronella color have been completely positive. The collar has functioned without any mechanical or electronics problems. It has helped train the dog to proper behavior with no violence or harm to do the dog. Even if she gets a spray, it seems to be a minor bother, but not a disaster for the dog.

Apparently these collars don’t work for all dogs, but they did for the one around our home.


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