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Citronella Bark Collar

James Daltons asked:

If you own a dog then often you have to deal with their bark. A dog’s bark serves many different purposes. It is a way in which canines communicate and it can also serve as a way to fend off intruders. The bark serves its purpose, but at times it can become annoying if done constantly. This article will look at the use of the citronella bark collar to stop dogs from barking.

When someone hears a dog’s bark it is usually a short sounds often highlighted at a sharp or high tone or pitch. The reason dogs bark is to communicate with other types of canines. The bark is also used to show excitement and other times it is used to mark their territory.

The citronella bark collar is an effective way to stop dogs from barking. Once you purchase the collar, all you need to do is attach it around the dog’s neck and it will do the rest. There is a special mechanism built into the collar that is able to detect a dog’s bark. Once it senses that the dog is barking, the container attached to the collar will release a mist of citronella which the dog will smell. The mist contains citronella scent that dogs do not like. Overtime the dog will realize that every time he barks, the mist will be sprayed. This can prove very successful in stopping a dog from barking.

The citronella anti bark collar is affordably priced. The typical price is around $50 and sometimes you might get it bundled with extra canisters of spray. The collar can be used on any sized dog as the collar can be adjusted to accomplish this task. If you run out of spray you can always reorder extra bottles that can fit perfectly into the collar.

In closing a dog’s bark is his way of communicating. This can become very annoying to owners of dogs who bark and they often want it to stop. Many people try different methods and some can be painful to the dog. The most humane and easy method to stop a dog from barking is with the use of the citronella bark collar. It is very easy to use and it won’t harm the dog in anyway.


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