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“Clicker” training two dogs at the same time …?

Question * ♥ * ♥ * ND * ? “Clicker” training two dogs at the same time … In addition, “Congratulations, you are the idiot of the century”-which I am aware of how difficult it will it be? And just to make sure I do not waste them, when you want to train that way as you click the clicker, then tell them the order, and when they do it right, you give them a “training” treatment (or any kind of deal really). ALSO, my mom will be helping (one dog is his, so it makes sense for her to help … hmm,. I wonder why it would make scence. . LOL jk jk) I’ll be buying one of the books Millians Caesar, or another library, so I can “rehebilitate” my dogs, and “train” myself as Caesar would say. ~ NOTE: My dog ​​is eager to learn something new, (I swear he is a master mind) while my moms, needs a lot of Encouragment. Also this is the first time I’ll be training, or any other animal without a pro, so any good personal hygiene tips are experianced bienvenus.Pour anyone tell a coach I can not unfortunately. 🙁 (Best answer : Answer by

Here is a site well with many articleshttp :/ / Clicker_Training / GG / gg.htmVous do not need a coach lol.Mais stinking .. you do not need to read to make sure you do so at droite.La first step in clicker training is just click and treat until the dog understands that the clicker means a treat. When you click and the dog looks for a treat you probably have a good conditioning to the clicker and you can move the next step. The last step is called the order after shaping behavior without words. When you’re ready to add the command to tell you that the dog control behavior, and click to another site traiter.Voici with tips for starting rapidement.http :/ / / tryit.htm

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  • In fact, I would use the clicker at the same time you give the command this way they will not be confused when it comes clicker is used by the expectation of verbal forward. I trained my dog ​​verbally and with hand signals and he learned very quickly. Be patient with your mother’s dog, her or you might have to spend much time a little more of him / her. Command Performance was a collaborator David Dikeman very good training for me with my rottweiler. Do not sell yourself short or call you an idiot, you are brave enough to take on this responsibility and I think you will be successful. If you kennel dogs separately before training, it will help you and the “treatment” that tell you to give inexpensive as praise and a well run company ears to tail. Your dog loves you more for the contact dependence “deals” and he will not even touch your wallet. If you want to have videos of David Dikeman Command Performance I bought a few years ago, just get back with me and I will send them at no cost to you. I know what it’s like to not be able to afford things. I think I can pay the cost of dissemination.

  • You certainly can clicker train two dogs, however, you must do so in separate sessions. Work with each dog separately – and to keep the sessions short. Clicker training requires very good timing so you do not end reward bad behavior, and with two dogs, it is quite difficult to do. Later, as your dogs enter commands, and you are just the base revision of things they have known for years, you can work with two of them at the same time – but when teaching new things, especially with clicker training, it is essential to work first séparément.Comme for books – I give the book Cesar Milan and get one of the following: Do not shoot the Dog – Karen PryorPatricia McConnell – The other end of the laisseStanley Coren – How Dogs pensentSi you can not find all three, but take a Pryor. It will help a lot with training clicker.Edit: You’re not supposed to click before ordering. The sound of a clicker should be predictive of treatment for the dog. So, you must first establish this “prediction” connection of your dog by “load the clicker”. Click and treat small pieces of a valuable treatment (hot dogs, chicken, spam) fois.Puis about 50, when the training sequence should be: you set the dog up for success. For example, you make a hand gesture that pushes the dog to sit, or you physically move the dog into a sit. Once the dog has done what you want, you click and treat. You do not add the verbal command until the dog is doing things right at least 50% of the time. Karen Pryor’s book will explain a lot of this in more detail, but if you have any questions, feel free to email me. The link is in my profile.

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