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Confused about my boyfriend back, what should I do?

question : Confused about my boyfriend back, what should I do So my boyfriend and I had problems, we were in a rut so to speak. I poured my self in video games and poured himself into Netflix. I approached him and tried to have sex with him one day and he refused, saying he was not comfortable with her body and did not have sex until ‘that he lost a little weight. I thought it looked bien.Nous have started spending more time away and then one day I met someone. Started as friends and we talked, I developed feelings for the other guy. I vented about my friend told him the things that happened and he suggested that I talk to my boyfriend and tell him what I felt. Fait.Je I told him that I thought we grew apart, we have different interests, he had left me twice before “find himself” and I waited around like a puppy sad until his return, I provided him with money when he was not working (at the time he was unemployed for a year, he left his job to find and m ‘ was left with 3 dogs and all bills) I sent him gifts, cell phone so he could have called me and ACSESS autres.Il finally did come back and he said that the reason there was NOT to find, but to give me a taste of my own medicine what it was like to do around the house by myself??? I was a little hurt by that, yes, I do expect it to clean the house, take out the trash, take dogs and cook on occasion. but I was not demanding these things. I have done this and not do that for some time I was unemployed. I made sure he had a hot meal after work, always had clean clothes, I even made his lunch for him, so he had more time to relax before going to work. So I told him, I think we need to be, I think I fell in love with you, and I feel that I am no longer in that relationship more stagnant. I told him that I wanted to pursue another relationship with someone else, someone he did not know and I felt for a long time that we were more like roommates than a couple. I explained the financial burden and that I expected him to contribute, even if it was a fast food job, that something was better than nothing and he replied that it was better than that. I worked fast food for a good part of the year until I found a better paying job, so it was like a slap in the face to me. I did what I had to do to put food on the table and a roof over our têtes.Après a month and a half after I told him what he eventually left to go to her sister. His mother became ill and I began to feel lonely and I wanted it back. He siad he did not know that I hurt him bad when I wanted to be with the other guy. I understand that you collect and WAHT you sew. So I gave him time, three months have passed, his mother died and now he says he wants to come back and be with me. The thing is all the time he was gone, it will not return a text or call when I message. He knows that bother me and it is always an excuse, like her sisters, children needed help with homework, or they were watching a movie or leave the staircase phone and not the hear. But I was sneaky, I called various other telephones and he always picked up after a few rings, I call from my phone and nothing. I confronted him about it and he hung up. So now he wants to go back without hesitation and I’m not so sure, I think I have “trained” him into thinking that it’s going to treat me this way and that, when it works, I’ll be there to take back whatever he dishes out of me. I am always apologizing for things I do not feel I’m in the wrong as when he left to meet, as proved thatw because of me and he wanted to apologize because I was I did and let me chiens.TLDR: I think I do not want to back I think he used me but I’d perspective on what I posté.Meilleure response : Response BIG DADDY COOL by

I would not do anything. Stay away from him and pay him no mind

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