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Crate training fail! What do you do when a dog does not care if she sleeps in the urine?

Question by Samuel Lann : Crate training for sure! What do you do when a dog does not care if she sleeps in the urine? Since the basic theory behind the “crate training” method of housebreaking a puppy incorrectly assumes that no dog pee where he sleeps, and now? Lol I have a friend who has a dog who does not mind peeing on his bed. The stupid dog will actually pee on purpose on his bed and then sleep on it. Strange, I know, but I have seen do this. Anyone ever have this happen before? Any ideas on this? Retarded dog perhaps? Let me clarify. The dog does not pee in the bed of the man. The dog peed on the dog bed. Day, night, whenever the dog needs to pee, she pees on the dog bed and then goes to sleep just above it. I dont crate train, but I was under the impression that the whole idea behind crate training is that a dog refuses to pee where he sleeps. I `m not asking for advice burglary, my dogs are trained and know what to do. I wondering if anyone has seen this behavior before, is it common, is the dog ths delayed? lolPit bull @ … uh .. I never said the dog was retarded or stupid (have you read the whole question dear?) I asked if it can be delayed or if anyone has run across this behavior avant.Meilleure response : Answer by

Well welcome him into the world of setting the alarm clock every hour until she gets.

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  • so you bring the dog out and when she pees say good girl every time she goes outside, but you must be consistent each time

  • Tell your friend to take the bed away. If she keeps going in the crate, then depending on the background of this puppy, it may have been forced to go in his cage before (just an assumption without knowing that the puppy background). If it stops, then take to bed for now. Some puppies are weird like that if you give them stuff they will go soft on her, like dogs trained dealing carpet pad as a giant buffer.

  • Guess what …. when puppies learn that their owners will not let them out LAZYAZZ, they stop trying.

  • First, stop calling the dog stupid and retarded. The dog is neither of these choses.Le dog may have a medical problem, or may be its own territorial space, or the bed is never washed, so the smell of urine is still there, so the dog is caught urinating in this ti endroit.Si the dog is not crate trained, he has nothing to do with the crate training “failure”.

  • Crate training works. Here could be the problem .. One, your friend took his dog very young. The problem is that for several weeks after birth the mother eats dog feces all his puppy to keep what it considers its den or bed, for his own puppy. Once a puppy get older, they watch their mother go outside and then let den and they follow suit. Now, if your puppy friends left his young mother 5-6 weeks, then she can not understand what shes supposed to do. Or two, she lived in a box where she had to pee in his bed before your friend got it. In this case, she just got used to it and it does not bother her. Now, if it were me, I would not want my dog ​​pee smell all the time so I stop leaving her in a crate and put it in the bathroom or laundry. This way she can go else where, like across the room on a pad. If the ultimate goal is to go outside have your friend AND the water flow of the dog on a strict timetable. Clearly then it disappeared, it must allow water to be free, but when she is home, she can offer her every hour. Once the dog drinks, 20 minutes later, it will therefore take pee and be patient. Do not let her out, but take him on a leash and when she goes SUPER reward her. The same with food. feed him twice a day and get her out from 20 to 30 minutes later. Remember, after she plays, drinks, or sleeps (even a nap), she has to pee then take him. The more you reward her for peeing outside the more she wants to do. Good luck!

  • this is strange because I thought it was the whole point of crate training is that they would not sleep where they pee … what is the size of the fund? When I put my dog ​​in a crate when she was a puppy I got a box middle so it would have the space and do not feel cramped … she pee in one area and sleep in another … but when I got a small crate (which I did some research they need, but he did not believe it), one in which she could stand up and turn around, it seemed small, but it has goes around and it does not go in the crate more … but I have no idea of ​​the size of your body is, it may be the right size and in this case, I do not know: O)

  • I do not use crate training. The dog probably has a small bladder, and are not let out enough so the fire must, I must go to her. I will not say thats stupid, because dogs tend to like things smelly. What I do is let the dog every 3-4 hours (depending on the dog) and praise when he goes “potty” outside. So obviously when they have an accident indoors, correct. Never clean it in front of the dog. Put them outside while you clean.

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