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Crate Training Questions?

Question by Maxie: Crate Training Questions?

First, I’ve never crate trained before so that is why I’m asking. None of my dogs needed crating.
I went with my friend to a rescue to look at the dogs with her. She’s considering an middle age dog. The people at the rescue said that she needs to leave the dog in a crate during the day while at work. Let her out at home and then put her back in the crate before bed time. Is that normal when “crate training”?

I understand now allowing the dog free roam of the house, but at the same time it concerns me having a dog crated for this extended period of time. I was watching as they spoke with someone after us and they were saying the same thing. The people acklowdged that they kept their current dog in crate while gone and again at night.

1. If potty training or crate training how many hours is too many in a cage?
2. The people said not to leave water in the cage so the dog would learn not to mess it up. True?
3. After the dog is crate trained isn’t cruel to leave it in there all day and then again all night?

Please help because this doesn’t sound right to me..

Best answer:

Answer by sisu
Crating during the day while the dog is alone, and at night until the dog is fully house trained and nondestructive is normal. Dogs sleep most of the day and at night. If properly trained the crate will become its den. Water is not left in the crate to prevent the need to urinate resulting in soiling of the crate. Once the dog is trustworthy in the home it could be left in the home. Crating at night would be optional. The ideal situation would be to take the dog to day care or have someone come by during the day to walk and allow it time out of the crate. A dog door works extremely well for allowing a trained dog to go in and out during the day.

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  • i only use a ct=rate until dog is trained
    while training only use when i can’t supervise
    1. to me if i am at home the dog comes out
    2. only thing in crate is dog and pad.. just big enough for them to lay down.
    3. is to me

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