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Crufts Dog Obedience 2007

This is me and my Working Sheepdog, Indy -” Rockin Indy-Go OW Cex “compete in the classroom the ‘C’ of the Inter-Regional Obedience at Crufts 2007. All my training is positive and motivating, without negative training aids, ie, choke chains, pinch collars or ‘make’ the dog do. They do it because they enjoy it. It’s that simple …. Video Rating: 5/5

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  • I use Indy with toys motivation. I use clicker training for the set exercises.

  • That brillient, you use food as a reward? or Prase? or something else? I have an English Springer who I trained using a clicker and food and he is quite well behaved, but sometimes he can only “work” for me when I eat. I plan to have a BC in the coming years to compete in obedience and training metherd am unsure what to use? (Positive) tips? Thank you.

  • great … maybe one day I’ll be there ….

  • That was beautiful! Are you a clicker?

  • Way to go! Very impressive 🙂

  • No – She was on the West Team, and I was in the Midlands. Thank you for the kind words.

  • I love this video and the music – I play it when I pick up a dog training. Play Tia and Charicky Crufts video is another favorite for me. Were you on the same team?

  • Really enjoyed the video. Nice work. Must say, I never go, very eager to be seen! Very striking!.

  • I wish my dog ​​would do that

  • . Thanx Mate o) Not as much as you might think – I really am a lazy trainer!

  • I love Crufts! The dogs are cool!

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