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Dalmatian Dogs. Question for current/previous owners.?

Question by rachel.: Dalmatian Dogs. Question for current/previous owners.?

I’m looking through a dog encyclopedia and it says this in the section Training: “These dogs can turn a deaf ear to commands they do not like. In such cases hold your ground and don’t give in.”
Has anyone experianced this?
Just curious. Thanks. [:

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Answer by ✘ Wheaten Mom
I have experienced it. I usually have terriers. Terriers are known for being “stubborn.” I think a lot of it, is just finding what the dog finds the most reinforcing.

I did have a dal mix growing up. She was just a happy dappy dog. Didn’t do much training with her per se. Happy happy dog.

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  • Yes, Dalmatians tend to be in their own world sometimes. It is one of their common traits. But it is NOT impossible to train this breed at all. I have successfully trained mine till she has won numerous titles in Obedience. You need to be firm with a Dalmatian but not too firm because they can be really sensitive when scolded or even just a jerk will make them go down in a submissive position. Dallies love to run, they love freedom. They aren’t the types who like being restrained & asked to do stuff they don’t like…

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