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Do you have a dog that has to do something on you or someone else?

Question : Did you get a dog that has to do something on you or someone else Since the development of a link with my dog ​​Lady first time, a Labrador mix, when I was very young, I realized that nothing feels as good as the link between me and an animal. Knowing this, I liked animals at an age précoce.Eh well, I adopted a Sussex Spaniel mix (Jake) a month ago. He lived with my fiance, since I spent most of my time there. But Jake now lives with me because of my inability to handle a puppy that chews engaged. Since then, I found that my fiance only wants two more dogs, and his idea of ​​”training” is surrounded with the idea theory pack (ie you have to show the dog who’s boss). I totally clicker training / positive reinforcement training, and took Jake positive reinforcement training. Needless to say, he and I have very different ideas about the number of dogs we want in the future, and how to train them. So marriage has since been postponed until I get out of college, moins.Eh well, Jake helped me realize things about my fiance that I would not have learned otherwise. I was wondering if anyone of you have done something about you and / or other since the adoption? Does anything drastic happened? If yes, what will you do to prevent such drastic things happen in the future? The epiphanies? If you are going to comment on my relationship with my boyfriend, please be nice about it. Of course, there were many other reasons why we postponed the wedding, but Jake has made some new reasons to the table. My fiance is very understanding about it, as I am, and we had a very long time, reasonable conversation about it. You can also not aware of how he treated Jake chewing problem before, when he lived with my fiance, so if you please be kind about it, I would be in my opinion heureux.Quant on the “pack theory”, there are many reasons that I disagree with this training method. Although, given my question has nothing to do with a response, I will only give you some links that summarize some of my ~ Jnichols / PunishmentProblems.htmlLe number of dogs that I expect to have after attaining my degree and a job as a registered nurse full-time, is about 3 or 4. Dogs are more than just “dumb animals” and they deserve more than someone who uses them for servir.Quand I said “nothing feels as good as the link between me and an animal”, I did not that mean exactly as it been said. I have yet to have children, and I am sure that love is irrevocable. Moreover, the love between me and another human being than the feeling of a link between man and beast; as it should. But, as I believe that there is not one man to a woman or vice versa, I think to choose someone that fits your lifestyle is very important.Bien, I want animals in my life. Perspective on animals my fiance and my views on animals are very different. It is tolerant animals, and I love them. It also has a very bad mood, and Jake did not trigger this caliber, but it does make things worse. I do not blame Jake for a place to put the marriage, but I see it as a light to things that I would not have seen autrement.Meilleure response: Answer

by the Greek God Greekman Alias ​​
WOW … WOW …. just … Now I’ve seen everything … Are you serious, you put out a marriage to someone you’re supposed to be in love with, because you do not like his training methods? And you understood nothing feels as good as the link between animal stupid and yourself … Please, never have a child, the poor kid does not want this kind of competition … If your dog makes you realize somethings about your fiance, I would say that these things were there before the dog and you did not see them, the dog has nothing to do with it. Your boyfriend sounds like an intelligent person and there is nothing wrong with his ideas or training methods, I used them for 32 years and produced outstanding dogs that have served humanity. Regarding the number of dogs they want, can you blame him? How do you think are not enough to live in a zoo like environment and not having a dirty house that you should always be cleaned? Yes, I learned many things from a few thousand dogs I put my hands in 32 years .. they are dogs, animals, not humans, the devotion they offer is based on where their food comes from you today, me next week, I have no interest in being “loved” by an animal who has no choice because of the lack of a functional frontal lobe, and finally, I do not base my relationships with humans the way how my dogs are trained or how many come and go .. . I think you have serious work ahead of you, both emotionally and mentally to do, good luck and I hope I aidé.ADD: Dear … I could post hundreds of links to support my theory too, but, why do I base my experience in real life, not articles available ligne.Vous know what I find funny, not only you, everyone here too which made the same mistake .. they keep posting on how a dog is a pack animal and therefore can not live without because it needs to be with his pack, but these same people refuse to see a platoon player when it comes to training. Listen, this is a fact that groups of animals should have some type of order, so the pack, the pack will have a same animal care of it. Investigate any large pack or group of animals, dogs, whales, elephants, everything is there for you to see … Disagree with something has nothing to do with its validity, a reaction emotional, plain and simple … when you stop getting emotional a dog and watch as it really is, this dog will benefit much more from your relationship! !

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  • Well, owning Pit Bull Terrier, there is always something to do and always something I learn. For example, I learned that people can be very unpleasant and judgment in any situation, as if this something new to the human race, but you know what I mean. I learned that people, for whatever reason, considers that kind of person you are based on the breed of dog you walking next to you in the pet store. People often look at me with that “why is she even throw the ball for the dog to” look on their face when we go to the park. I realized that there was no hope for some people and they will never open up to some wonderful things in life and live forever in a “bubble” so to speak. When we arrive at the park my dogs are nothing but shakes and happy, but others quickly erase and about me as they walk by, and quite out of their way just to have not to walk near Me. People there soemtimes wont even speak to me and when they do, their questions are: “Why did you bring a Pit Bull here,” he fighting “,” I do not feel the comfortable with you being here with your dog. “” You dog does not belong here “, or my favorite …” which is a dangerous thing to have a park “They do not believe that my dog ​​has feelings, they do not feel happy or sad or hurt. It bothers me sometimes, the answers I get. Thats the best thing to about a dog. A dog loves you no matter if your white, black, Asian, Hispanic, or whatever … you aimera.Mais I must not give in to these words. These are words of non- -educated. Owning these dogs have taught me to hold my tongue, and to be nice .. even if someone else is being said. They taught me the patience to understand things not just th much like me. They taught me that people are entitled to their own opinion, no matter how despicable he can be and that I should keep my mouth shut. I felt so stringly against people who had nothing good to say about me because I have dogs. I learned that people can be horrible, I learned that no matter how sweet the dog, people are always and forever will be some haters pas.Sur thing they do not understand the positive side, I learned that a relationship with a dog is something not easily broken. I would never let anyone get between the love I have for my dogs and reliability they put on me. A relationship is a wonderful thing to have a dog, regardless of whether other people believe it is fair or not. Never give your relationship with your dog for nothing .. C ‘ Friendship is the best in the world. Dogs can not lie to yourself or to be false. They are what they are and are damn proud of it. they are not judgmental and you love to vous.Les people, always take your dog and treat him well. They are the best friends you’ll ever have.

  • My first “personal” a Rottweiler dog was adopted I took her home the day she was euthanized. She came to me with serious questions, hand-shy, fear aggressive, she had no manners, and he spent two weeks in a crate and was a bit wild at first! It was when she “just” my boyfriend both on the face that I realized I really needed to do something. (She did not break the skin, it was just a warning and was preceded by a grunt he did not take into account, I do not know why he thought his raspberrying it was a good idea …) So we started training. During the time I took it a fear aggressive dog, no dog to a canine citizen manners Good. She was my partner in a humane education class I helped teach and I have never met another dog who was also amazing with the children as she came to be. She would often seek the disabled child in a crowd and huddle at their disposal. She also changed the direction of my life. I am now a full time dog trainer, with three dogs! She was my best friend and companion and has served as my demo dog for my classes for many years. It was incredible from a dog that needs three people to sit on it and a muzzle for a nail trim to a dog that you can do something about it. (Including donate blood without being sedated, which is unheard of, they must remain still during the procedure and she was an angel.) I miss her every day since it was passed, but without it, which knows where I would be? We saved each other.

  • Humans are a species has evolved, so that nothing in the mind feels as good as being with human rights and should take precedence over the love you have for a dog – even if you click and strength of the dog / human partnership that has developed over the ans.Je have not had an epiphany it was more like a reminder that if my instinct is shouting something wrong, I should attend to have his say and weigh against other options. All training focuses on positive not to damage my dog ​​psychologically hard on correcting and training tools to use that were ineffective in controlling his behavior when exposed to the trigger. A mixture of positive and negative weighted worked for my dog, and now I will not rule out anything. No one training method or tool works on all chiens.Un dog does not need calm leadership authority [to someone in control of all aspects of his life] structure in her life if she can co -exist in a household of man [rules, limits, obedience training, manners], the consistency in the application desired behaviors that the dog is clear that you mean what you say and you and save the human family are his “pack”. I will always choose to have three or four lovers / pet dogs living inside the house which necessarily means partners must like that sort of lifestyle or it would be a controversial issue, and the relationship was broken.

  • Made me realize that I like dogs better than people.

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