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Do you think I can convince my mother to make me a dog doing this?

Question ? Do you think I can convince my mother to make me a dog, doing so Do not be rude or mean, because really, if you are you have nothing to read this question. Thank you. ~ Taylor 🙂 Well well this is the beginning: Before reading this I cleaned my room and pitched in around the house. I was good around her. I begged – she is now irritated on the subject: (I chose the dog and everything I have studied the breed, and I know this is the perfect puppy for us, I read books and just like that … I have had experiance with a puppy before and I know how to care for one. I’ll try to get into the dog, but I am a child and I did not have much money . Last year for Christmas I got a cat. (A real cat, not a kitten) which was about a year or two. It was “potty trained” when it was obtained. It is ruining our floor room bathroom with her and pee on her, she must go to a shelter without killing with another cat. We have a dog, and two old cats gauche.J ‘love puppies and we never get them. We ‘re getting chatons.Alrighty now that’s what I guess what would happen: Hey maman.Hey.Qu ‘t cha look? I’m not paying attention to elle.Ah, I see. Anyway Regardless, I was a student at the breed of dog I want. A Maltese dog seems very sweet and obedient. He apparently intelligent and easy to potty train. (Please tell me if your answer is yes or not.) Best answer: Answer

by Max
whether it would work or not will depend on three things … 1) What kind of person your mother EST2) Why she does not want you 3.1) How annoying été.Vraiment you, only you can répondre.mais if I were I would say no

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  • I would say give it a little more info on the type of dog and all that. if she does not know the breed of dog, and then explain that you helped a lot lately and do not plan to stop working your butt even when you get the dog. if she says no, then work even harder. I hope she sees that you want something and are willing to work for it. hope you have a dog!

  • honestly, if it is already tired of the subject, I think it would be something like “I have said before, and I thought. We do not get a puppy.” it will need to pay for the dog, if she says no, I advise you not to say anything for a while, then get custody. study on how to train your chosen race. learn how to care for him. (Grooming, etc.) find a good breeder or a good rescue. breeding dogs are expensive. try to make money and eventually pay half. do everything you possibly can for two months, and then ask her blow with knowledge.

  • I can not say yes / no, because you’re not my child. But think about where you mom is from this, the puppies are a ton of work and it takes a lot of free time. It’s not only you who must help with the puppy, but your mother too. Maybe she does not have to deal with a dog when you are out with friends. There could be a million reasons why she says no. And believe me begging will not help the matter. Just keep doing what you do and do not push the subject and perhaps it will come around. If not, then it’s your decision mama and you must accept it.

  • I do not know, but my friend has a Maltese and he is very boring (they bark a lot) i would sugggest different type of dog, but anyway, looking back on how you treated the animals of the past and how you handle those current. If you show responsibility then maybe your mom will reconsider. good luck

  • you might know what it would cost the puppy first. can understand the cost vet. shots and vermifuges.puis groomimg cost. maltise are relly long haired and shed much. they take great care. THER is then the question of sterilization / nuter. if you decide what it cost a lot of money. when you have added all this then consider that perhaps another animal in the household would put a burden on your finacal income families. this may be a reason your mother can refuse your request. the best way to approach your mother is opening a hounest conversation and stating your reasons for wanting a puppy. ask her if she would be a burden and wonder why she feels this way. if you promiss to do chores ect. hold your parole.Rember your mom has a big job to do in getting up and meet all your needs. she’s probably doing a lot of sacrofices to do so. she can say no. Do not worry. just know that sometimes you just cant have everything you want, because there are some things you need that will come bet you have a wounderful mom; oves Thank you very much. it is better than haveing ​​a dog. I think this sujet.mais hope you get your puppy.

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