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Do you think it’s cruel how some people change their pets to get them to be more like the things humans? As

question . Do you think it’s cruel how some people change their pets to get them to be more like the things humans? As clipping the wings of a flying bird, a cat-claws, tail pumping spaniels, “house training” a dog or punish them not to bark. Why animals must be “denatured” to adapt to human standards? Is it not a cruel and unusual punishment? I see that you have all managed to try to justify “humanize” animals and make them pets. For me, it’s so unfair. It’s like a form of slavery for animals. When you make a pet of your pet, you are essentially making them answer your esclave.Meilleure :

Answer by Law L
Sometimes it est.Je agree clipping declawing and tail pumping “distortion,” but I do not think the house is training. And training a dog not to bark, as it is not a punishment or surgery involved, it is a good idea for the dog is not removed for barking at all hours. This training is not to bark when her alone in the house, or when he hears someone at the door, but so allowing it to bark naturally meet another dog, or when it is excited This is not cruel. House training is not cruel because people are more likely to be physically cruel to their animals if they do not leave a mess in the house too, it is not natural for a dog to BE inside if you’re talking about natural things, so they need to adapt to us. It is not cruel Whereas dog does not suffer from pooing indoors. On the other hand, is it cruel to vaccinate our pets against disease? They did not get vaccinated in the wild, and suffer from poor nutrition and general be subject to diseases, is so cruel to provide good food, shelter and health of animals? It is difficult to get a good balance. I have a cat and I know he’s a cat. He goes to the vet once a year for a check and a jab. He still has claws, teeth, I’ve never bathed or humanized him. But I treat for fleas and worms, provide good food, and there are litter trained (it is an outdoor cat and internal) that is not in the nature. Despite the fact that it is “unchanged”, it is not always natural and still under the command of the man because he is disease-free and well maintained, unlike cats sauvages.Quant punishment in response the animal nature, such as punishing a dog barking, I’m not quite physical harm penalty not as a short jet of air in the face to distract a dog stops barking as he surprises but don ‘t hurt themselves or put a cat litter trained outside because he pooed on the carpet, even if it is a “just in case they do it again” as opposed to punishment . If you keep animals, you must learn to be the boss of them, the leader of the pack of dogs, they must ensure the dogs know their place in the pack or you will have problems.

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  • Yes, it’s cruel, but at the same time it is not cruel, its cruel to declaw a cat if its bcuz in nature and is attacked there is not much protection, but it is not cruel bcuz some cats scratch too expensive and must be declawed! its cruel to teach a dog not to bark when someone bcuz knocking the dog barks and tto let u know if it Knos not to bark it wont then u may not know when some one is to door, it is not cruel bcuz some dogs bark so incredible that their owners learn not to bark! and yes some of the really cruel punishments r but needs dog / cat / bird to learn how to behave!!

  • ave you ouimais generally declaw so they can get the supplier

  • I do not think animals really mind. dogs are supposed to have their tails cut look FREAKY. cut your wings so that your bird will not fly very far, you declaw your cat to claw that you face. they can still climb because they have their claws out. and even the dog would not enjoy a home stinking of urine and shit, they know his rank so they go away from their usual place of living and eating to do.

  • I think it is largely for animal health and safety a reality. Yes, some people take it too far, and I think de-claw a cat is a little cruel, because they use their claws for everything. But I think many people realize what is inhuman and it is not a well accepted procedure. At least not where I vis.Mais clipping flight feathers will prevent them flying if let out of their cage, because if your bird escapes and tries to live in the wild, it probably will not last long. Thus, while caring pet owner would. It’s a bit cruel to keep animals that we should be in free flight, like birds in a cage, to begin with, but if we put them in a foreign city and force them to be our pets, I guess it’s better to prevent them from flying in downtown New York, you know And as the swinging tail, ears and even culture on a dog, it is certainly for reasons of health, it is not just for show. Some dog breeds, such as boxers, are very prone to ear infections. So cropping their ears (to make them stand) is because of the way the ears are open, and it is more difficult for bacteria to hide and grow, as well as easier and more comfortable for the dog, when cleaning and check-ups are necessary for their ear infections. Pumping tail is the same for the races (like spaniels) are very prone to anal problems. So we do it because it’s pretty, it is for their own health chien.Et house training your dog and teach him not to bark are things that you just need to do if you want to own a dog inside at all. Would you rather be forced to leave the back side all day and night because he poops and pees all over your carpet, and can not be left inside because of it? And barking is simple common courtesy. You do not want your dog barking day and night annoying your neighbors and scare people walking down the street. Thus animal control is appelĂ©e.Et most people do not punish their dogs for barking period. They punish him for barking inappropriate, such as barking for attention, or barking at strangers. But most people leave their dog to bark and let them know someone at the door, or if there is a burglar, and they teach their dogs to know that if they “shh its ok boy” to stop. So this is not really cruel to do these things to your pet, as long as you do not go too far for selfish reasons, such as people with bark collars shock dog every time their they bark for anything, or people who de-claws of animals such as ferrets, who need their claws to tout.A a while, it becomes cruel, but most of these things are unfairly labeled as “cruel” when they are simply to protect animals.

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