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Doberman Puppy Training 10 weeks

see what my 10 week old Doberman puppy already knows! He is so smart! Video Rating: 4/5

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  • What is the best thing to give as a treat when they are just puppies.

  • why trainers click after the dog’s action?? so the dog knows that the right thing?

  • How did you start training him? My Dobie is 8 weeks and Im not sure how to start … hes so smart!

  • haha, Maximus is so awesome! Any updates on him?

  • Wow, what a clever little Dobie 🙂 Hes precious!

  • Well done for max and mommy! It was fun to see and hear how proud you are of him is awesome! A proud owner shows love … yay! I am awaiting my babies…8/24/11 I pick them up … 🙂

  • Lol. I know! Yeah, that’s about right, mine just overweight because shes a female. Plus she is at the short end of the doberman height chart lol: P

  • Seriously! He is a jerk! Ours is around the same weight 75 kg and it is just right.

  • What is this guy talking about? £ 119?? haha! My Dobe is 75 lbs .. and shes overweight! haha. what a shower.

  • … In my experience, just as he is about to establish, say what you want the command to be (ie “Down”), click and reward. I also learned quite easily put a sm my treat in my closed hand, then say the command as my fist on the ground. They will treat in a downward position. Then belonen.Good luck … they are sure to get it. Dobies who love their treats!

  • He’s cute! Wonder what he looks like now? You will always enjoy it, and yes, Dobes are the best dogs ever! Once you have one, you will never want another kind! Oh, and we “love the nub!” haha

  • I have a 6 week old doberman puppy, I can take him to sit down, but I can not lie, I use a clicker to train him, does anyone know of a video that teaches a dog to determine using of a clciker

  • From my experience, they are not vicious doberman to their owners.

  • that’s cute I’m abut also owns a doberman puppy how did you train your dobbi?

  • the owner is a silk blue band in dog training

  • He’s really quiet! Wow I love your dog 🙂

  • @ TiaBun91 I plan to do the same, go to college and lives alone in an apartment makes me uncomfortable. A Doberman would be a great companion.

  • link?

  • Thank you! I hope you Dobe puppy … they are very nice and loyal dogs. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!

  • Your £ 119 Doberman is probably abnormal overweight. Fuck you if you have nothing nice to say, Dick!

  • I live in Germany, my German doberman (119 lbs) eat your faggs American dwarf Dobermans. Dobes americans are soo fags. what a joke

  • Same here, we have a very bad bald spot. She is 3.5 months and the hair, believe it or not, begins to grow! Hang in there!

  • Does anyone know how long it takes for the hair to grow back at the end of the tail? im worried bc my lil dog has a bald spot on the tip, the hairs grow back?

  • gotta love the doberman, I finally got mine today, 10 weeks old, and they’re really smart, you’ve trained him really well! ill hav some vids of me soon, he looks much like yours the black circles got on his feet lol

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