Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

Dog Bark Collar: Can a Bark Collar Suffice as a Caring Canine Learning Procedure?

Trevor Price asked:

Thinking of buying a dog bark collar? Trying to decide between a shock collar, ultrasonic version or a citronella spray model? Wondering which one, if any, is actually humane? To learn more about the different types of anti-barking training collars, read on for a high level description of each.

Electric Shock Collars

Electric shock collars work by delivering a zap or shock to your dog’s neck each time he barks above a certain decibel level. So, would you put an electric shock collar on your child to prevent him or her from crying? A similar consideration should then be weighed concerning your dog wearing an electric dog bark collar.

Electric shocks are unpleasant, painful and mentally upsetting. They can lead to symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression, which translates to fearful and possibly overly aggressive dogs. Also, it’s unclear what, if any, side effects there are of electric shock therapy.

Ultrasonic or Noise Collars

If your dog is wearing an ultrasonic noise collar, then he is treated to an extremely high-pitched and unpleasant siren noise every time he barks above a particular decibel level. That said, these collars rarely work and could even encourage barking.

Not all dogs have ultrasonic hearing nor can they necessarily hear super high-pitched noises. Also, because the owner can’t hear the collar, there’s no way to tell if it’s even working.

Besides being ineffective, the collar may actually encourage barking if your dog can hear it. Most dogs bark in response to a noise or as part of a call and response. If each time they bark they get a response, albeit a high-pitched wail, they may continue barking, but louder.

A Humane Choice – Citronella

Probably the most humane bark collar is the citronella spray model. Basically, each time the dog barks above a certain decibel level, the collar emits a light mist of citronella, which is an irritating scent for canines. The experience is somewhat unpleasant, but not painful or unnecessarily cruel. Eventually, the dog will connect its barking to the citronella scent.

Where to Find Citronella Collars

There are two major and popular brands for citronella dog collars – these are the Premiere Gentle Spray Anti-Bark Collar and the MultiVet No Bark Spray Collar.

The Premiere Gentle Spray Collar is significantly more expensive than other brands and usually costs between $70 and $80. However, online specials can often be found for as low as $30 to $40. Refills for this product typically cost less than $5, but it comes with a full-sized can of citronella.

The MultiVet No Dog Bark Collar costs slightly less, but is better suited for smaller dogs. The collar is adjustable, though more able to carry the weight of the citronella pouch when it’s set to a smaller size.

No one enjoys owning a yappy dog, so there is compelling motivation to train your beloved canine to keep the peace. However, there are both compassionate and ugly ways to accomplish this important task. Any pet owner can demonstrate a loving approach to training by using a collar that meets the goal without harming the animal.


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